I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of companies and some of those, I love! Here are the products I continue to use and I hope you will like them too. Click through for the specific discount and the blog post related to the discount (although you don't need it to access the discount). So much easier to have them all in one place!

Weekend Box - first box free with code "HANNAH100785"
Toucan Box - first box free with code "HANNAH-9CWN"
Secret Scent Box -
BirchBox - get £5 off the BirchBox shop here
Oska Pulse for Pain Relief - referral code
TodayTIX - £10 off your first purchase with code "RWPUV"
VITL - for £20 off your first box i.e. a free trial, hansla1000
MONQ - direct code with a surprise in your order
Mirana - hansla1000
Chatbooks - first Chatbook free here
Episode Game - 20 free passes using code "GTQ5UC3TVU"
SheerSense (Senegence) Product including LipSense - 10% off your first order with code "BLOG10"
Vistaprint - £20 off a £40 or over order here


  1. Which subscription box would you recommend? I really want to try one! xx


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