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Simple Cheese and Ham Toastie!

A day full of a CPP Use of Evidence was very tiring and with the fact I was heading home for the weekend, I decided Wednesday afternoon would be best spent working rather than having fun and playing tennis.  After writing some revision notes, I made a late lunch and I really fancied a cheese and ham toastie! It was cold, I hadn't yet admitted that I needed to heating on, and I'd yet to have one this academic year. It was seriously the best decision. It's so simple yet so tasty and if you really don't know how to make one, all the ingredients are above! Butter/flora the outside of the slice, the part that is touching the toaster or press being used, to prevent it sticking. But cheese on both slices to melt and stick the sandwich together and ham in the middle before placing in the toaster or press :)


The One Direction UK Tour is now over so I can finally post my One Direction Tour clips. To read about my thoughts of the day visit the daily blog post called ' Concerts and Children ' (click on the link). To watched the YouTube video click  here .

My Fresher Fortnight - Part 3 (Medic Series)

The second week of Fresher Fortnight was once again, packed. I think the first time I was so sick with Fresher Flu, feeling already overcome by the stress of medicine and bored to death of lectures, so I began to give up. This year it was a different story, as most of the events were sold out. You will be happy to know that the second week doesn't have as many late nights though! Mum's and Dad's  - Monday As I've already mentioned Mum's and Dad's happens every year but if you don't know what Mum's and Dad's is, it's a medic event to help you settle into life as a medic. Each year, the year 2's become parents to the Freshers. if your parents were close with their parents, you end up having huge family get-together's with 6 generations of 4 kids each! It's actually really sweet and a neat way to ask questions in a small group, with people who have already been through the same situation. I think it's really nice if you have g