My Fresher Fortnight - Part 3 (Medic Series)

The second week of Fresher Fortnight was once again, packed. I think the first time I was so sick with Fresher Flu, feeling already overcome by the stress of medicine and bored to death of lectures, so I began to give up. This year it was a different story, as most of the events were sold out. You will be happy to know that the second week doesn't have as many late nights though!

Mum's and Dad's - Monday
As I've already mentioned Mum's and Dad's happens every year but if you don't know what Mum's and Dad's is, it's a medic event to help you settle into life as a medic. Each year, the year 2's become parents to the Freshers. if your parents were close with their parents, you end up having huge family get-together's with 6 generations of 4 kids each! It's actually really sweet and a neat way to ask questions in a small group, with people who have already been through the same situation.

I think it's really nice if you have good parents. You have two organised introduction sessions with free pizza - always helps - to get to know each other, then it's up to the parent's to organise themselves. mine were rubbish because we've never spoken since but I know loads of people go to each other's houses ect.

For what happened this year click here.

Bowling - Tuesday
Bloomsbury Bowling is such a fun location with bowling, a bar and nightclub in one it's a perfect student night out.

Sports Night - Wednesday 
A self explanatory night. Similar to before but not quite as crazy because people begin to pick and choose which to go to.

UCL Fresher's Ball - Thursday
I love the Ministry of Sound, so it's a nice nightclub and a relatively cheap night out compared to those the rest of the year. It gives you a chance to go with people from your halls that aren't medics which is always nice :)

Scrub's Party - Friday
How can medics miss the chance to get dressed up in scrubs and socialise. Back to the medic hub of the Huntley to hang and de-stress from the shock and horror of medical school. Some people come Halloween style with blood.

Survivor's Feast/MD's Show - Sunday
The last day of Fresher's Fortnight is just a nice calm event. Most people go and have a pulled pork sandwich in the South Cloisters and then eat in the quad. For the price, I definitely don't think it's worth it. The sandwich is tiny and from memory, you get the smallest portion of salad.

Me and my friends then decided to go to a cocktail bar nearby which had 3 for £5 so we couldn't refuse. Right?
Afterwards we all headed to the MD's Fresher Show which was amazing! If you ever get the opportunity to see the MD show, GO! It's one of the funniest comedy shows I've ever seen. Especially if you're a medic because they through in some medic jokes. It's clever humour which is what I like :)

This year:
It was hilarious but only what we've come to know from the MDs. I remember the first time I saw them last year I couldn't stop smiling and laughing on the punch lines. I love that a lot of it is medic related; it just makes it so much relatable. Even as a fresher, it makes you feel part of the gang straight away!

This year I knew people in it so it was even better. The sketches were similar to last year with probably only 40% new stuff. 

Beth and Ash were amazing as were the boys. I loved Beth's appendix scene, Ozzy as a Harry Potter hat, Jonny as an obstetrician and Ash as a posh VM/CPP tutor. Absolutely hilarious! 

Without a doubt though, my favourite was the song to the tune of Defying Geavuty. The topic was about the privatisation of the NHS with my favourite line being: 'I'm working nights, Defying Jeremy!' Great right?!  

I seriously think they should red each little sketch and post them on YouTube because I would love to show them to everyone. I managed to sneakily record two clips but they reuse the scenes so if you are going to see them in person.


Good job MDs. Good job indeed! 


And at the end of Fresher's Fortnight, I can promise you, you will be very very VERY tired and probably have Fresher's Flu. It's a thing and it's the worst!