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Body Yogurts by The Body Shop!

I recently received a free sample of The Body Shop's new product, these Body Yogurts. As described on their website, these are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. These claims are very much in the current beauty market and I'm finding more and more products and companies going that way so I would expect the majority to now be able to say the same thing.  They market that they are fast-absorbing moisturisers have a lightweight, gel-cream texture that’s suitable for all skin types, including dry skin and are easy to use. I found that they were actually quite thick and more like a body cream than a gel. They were very cooling which made it very relaxing when massaged in and they were quick drying, not leaving me sticky for long. 
Having now read the stores description, it says to apply straight onto damp skin. I did not do this. I got out of the shower and then dried completely before applying so perhaps it is the water mixed with the yogurt that creates the gel texture. In terms of th…

10 Top Tips for Wimbledon Tennis Championships!

Having now been to Wimbledon for a number of years I can honestly say I've loved each and every championship. It's such an incredible tennis scene and I love being able to not only watch the incredible tennis but also experience the atmosphere. I thought I'd finally share some top tips!

Membership. If you love tennis and really want to go, I would defintely recommend getting either an annual or lifetime membership to your local tennis authorities (for example, mine is with Yorkshire Tennis). This guarantees you two Wimbledon tennis tickets per year and you get to apply for them and choose your top 3 dates and seats. I've always got either my first or second choice which is great. Always get tickets for the first week. You'll see at least one of the big named players, but you'll also get access to the outside courts where there will be play on every single one. The winner of the championship may even be out there! Arrive bright and early so you can get seats and …

Wimbledon 2019!

I headed to London for my annual Wimbledon trip!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

After a busy few days spending so much time with L, it felt strangely sad to wake up without him. I woke up bright and early, quickly getting ready for the journey ahead and packed my suitcase. I was ready ridiculously early, and even had time for breakfast before locking up the house and heading out to get my Uber. Thank god I vlog because I completely forgot all about the tickets I needed to grab for Wimbledon.

I love Wimbledon and I’ve been since I first moved to London 5 years ago. It’s become a much loved annual tradition and I look forward to it every year. Once of the train, I contacted mum because my train was running late, but it turned out her train was too. In the end, she only got there 20 minutes before I did and after searching for her at our meeting place for 10 minutes, I rang out. She claimed she was there but so was I and I’d looked everywhere. Turns out, she decided to hide b…

Goobye "Our Bonus Pup" Tilly

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I write today's post.
On Tuesday 9th July 2019, my family and I lost one of our puppies. Tilly had been deteriorating for the past couple of weeks and it started with her becoming paralysed in her back legs. She was still happy and being her normal self however in the last few days she became very unwell and we made the decision to put her to sleep. Unfortunately it wasn't the best experience as all her veins had collapsed so after multiple attempts, she was given pain relief and a paralytic drug before being injected into her heart and kidney.
I had hoped I would get to see her one last time before she passed but obviously, she is in a better place now and needed to go sooner. She leaves behind my poor Holly, her sister and litter mate. They have been together for all but 24 hours at a time on a handful of occasions so I'm not entirely sure how she'll cope but we are giving her lots of extra love and attention at the mom…

The Wonder Circus (Review)

The Wonder Circus was a completely last-minute decision on the way back from a day trip to Skegness. To be quite honest, I was exhausted and didn’t have very high expectations, so I was very shocked to enjoy it – almost – from start to finish. We ended up paying the extra pound to sit front row ring side and I don’t necessarily think it was needed. I think because it was so quiet, we would have had a good view anyway and for some of the acts, sitting further away would have actually been beneficial.
The tent is climatized meaning that despite the humid and hot weather, inside felt cool and a nice temperature. The seats were very hard and uncomfortable, and they were packed very closely together. I’m pretty short and I struggled to sit without my knees having to be at weird angles. Luckily, the show was very quiet and with no one seated behind us, we pushed our seats all the way back, so we could at least somewhat, extend our legs for the 2 hour duration of the show.

With the incredibl…