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Wawel Castle, Auschwitz Tour and Salt Mine! / Poland 2023

Another early start thanks to my own confusion, led to a peaceful castle visit in the rain, followed by a day trip to Auschwitz and the Salt Mine, before exploring Krakow in the evening.  Click  here  to watch the vlog or see below.  Waking up bright an early at 6am was not quite what I wanted, but something I had to do, as I had booked a long day trip. I headed down to breakfast when I was ready and was amazed. It was one of the best breakfast buffet's I've seen in years. It took me back to the days I went to all inclusive hotels abroad as a child. It was delicious and I even got enough food to take with my for lunch! I ended up walking down to my pick up point in the pouring rain, only to realise the second I got there that they messaged me the previous morning to rearrange and delay pick up by one hour. I was devastated. The option was to either walk back to the hotel, having just raced down as I was running a little late, or to go explore a little of the city. I decided to

Travel Day, Hotel Tour and Spa Night! / Poland 2023

I woke up early to fly to Krakow, had a lovely welcome to the hotel and then a spa night!  Click  here  to watch the vlog or see below.  After a slight change of plans, I ended up driving to my mum's on Sunday night and slept truly terribly. She drove me to the airport bright and early at 6am and then I got on my flight safely a few hours later. I wasn't holding out high hopes for Wizz Air after hearing so many bad things about restricted leg room but I was pretty impressed with how spacious it was and it was so quiet I could have had 3 rows to myself! I treated myself to a £12 breakfast before getting on and it was delicious.  Due to unexpected baggage staffing, we were delayed by just over an hour by the time we set off, so we arrived in Krakow slightly late. I quickly got in an Uber and drove through the city centre. There were lots of monuments decorated in support of Ukraine and I even saw the Aircraft museum before arriving at the hotel. I was so impressed by my hotel roo

Belated Christmas Present Haul!

As I saw my older sisters and both parents before Christmas this year, I wasn't actually expecting any delayed Christmas presents, but I was surprised by always and as I did mainly night shifts before the new year, I hadn't managed to pick up either of my Secret Santa present from work. It was a lovely surprise to be able to open them on my first shift back on labour suite this year.  My wonderful manager bought everyone personalised champagne flutes with their names on. I love mine so much and it is defintely something I will treasure. I also decided to treat myself to some items in the Boxing Day Sales. I bought some extra kitchen bits from Le Creuset!  My labour suite Secret Santa bought me the most gorgeous candle holder which goes so perfectly in my navy blue kitchen and lounge decor. I haven't quite decided where it looks best just yet but I think the lounge. She also bought some hair clips which are lovely. I always think they look stunning on others, so I will have

Booking a Last Minute Trip to Poland!

If you read my resolutions post, you'll have seen travel was a priority for me and I've already ticked it off (at least once!) this year. I ended up having 7 days off. Unfortunately the plans I thought I'd have fell through and the plumber was still unavailable to come and do the delayed and twice rescheduled work. I decided why not live in the moment and get out there. It was either that or sit at home, alone and cry all day every day.  I looked at flights from East Midlands as I really hate transferring flights, so I looked at direct destinations from my local airport. Poland came up as one that was direct, had good times of flights and was cheap. I love when the outbound flight is early in the morning and the inbound is late at night so that you get to spent the most time possible in the destination. I ended up booking it straight away for Monday to Friday.  Next, I had to find a hotel and whilst I had a lot of things I knew I could do in Poland, I also wanted to relax s

Feedback from my First Master's Essay

If you watched the vlog I shared at the time of submitting my first Master's level university assessment, you'll know I wasn't hugely happy with the work I did as I really wanted to do my best work, but knew it wasn't. I was going through some struggles with my mental health, between house drama, love life, family illness and lost friendship. It also didn't help that I had so many shifts at work, so I ended up utilising some segments from previous work and not having time to proof read as much as I would have liked.  I really want to overall get 70% by the end of the two years, so it was a little disheartening when I saw the result of 58%. It is quite literally the lowest mark I have ever got, but I had a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism I can utilise going forward. I feel optimistic right now that things will get better, so fingers crossed. As with all feedback, there are some things that I don't agree with personally but everyone has their o

New Years, Friends Together and Twycross Zoo!

I started 2023 off alone and miserable, but had a lovely friend date, some beautiful flowers, had a friend come to stay the weekend and then booked a holiday!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  2023 started off with my alone at home and crying. I was initially planning on going to my cousin's after work on New Year's Eve but after finding out she was catering for people, plus finishing work late after a busy shift, I didn't really feel like socialising. Instead, I called at Domino's on the way home and picked up a takeaway. I took a warm bath and was in bed and almost asleep for 10pm. Of course, I was upset and feeling down as usual when I'm alone and can't hide it anymore. I woke up the next morning, feeling just like any other day, nothing special.  I had a busy first week of the year, working lots and then spending my first day off undecorating for Christmas. I also received my first bouquet of flowers from my annual monthly subscription. I'll b