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Coronavirus and my Update!

I think the whole world is currently being massively affected by the impact of the coronavirus. We see it all day every day. We see it in the news. We see it on social media. We see it literally everywhere and it's all most people can talk about.

Whilst it is important we all band together and follow government advice and guidelines during this time, I also think it is incredibly important that it doesn't take all of our focus. As scary as it is - and it really is - it is also important that we enjoy the positive things in life each day and continue to live (albeit to a different degree).
I've been absent from the blogging world a little - once again! - because life just got crazy but I think the downtime I've had recently has given me the opportunity to reset. I'm back blogging but I don't want it all to be about the coronavirus the entire time. I want this platform to be something it has always been: "My little corner of safety in this scary world we cal…

Welfare Wednesday: Pandemic Emotions

😑 It’s normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis.

😒 The world is currently in a pandemic. No one really knows what is going to happen and everyone is taking it day by day.

πŸ˜• But with social distancing from society as a whole, families are being encouraged to spend more quality time together and enjoy the little things in life.

πŸ™‚ Live in the moment. Talk to people you trust, such as friends and family or your fellow community members.

😁 Over on my UoN Archery Club, myself and the Publicity Officer have currently put together an #IsolationRecreation programme. It is great seeing the community come together on a new level. The public can also get involved and interact on our public Instagram and Facebook Page. We would love to hear from everyone.

Coronavirus: Simple Steps!

πŸ–πŸ» Without banging the point home, it’s important to reiterate these facts for the safety and protection of not only yourself, but the entire population. You can save lives by following these simple steps. Help flatten the curve. 
πŸ–πŸ» Maintain social distancing. Keep are safe distance to everyone outside your immediate household. Limit interaction.  πŸ–πŸ» Wash your hands with soap and water regularly for at least 20 seconds. Sing happy birthday twice every time. Keep a hand cream close to protect your hands.  πŸ–πŸ» Avoid touching your face. Your eyes, mouth and nose all have mucosal membranes to protect and lubricate but they only act as a barrier to a certain extent. Keep your hands away.

Welfare Wednesday: Homesickness

🏑 This week is International Week at the University of Nottingham, thanks you the International Student Network so today we’re talking about homesickness.

🏑 Moving away to university - leaving behind friends, family and familiar places - is a big step for anyone and it's not unusual to feel homesick. It can affect anybody, whether you're a home or international student; it doesn't matter whether your university is just a few miles from your home town or on the other side of the world.

🏑 Homesickness is a feeling of stress or anxiety caused by separation from people and places that you know. It is usually worse after a prolonged period of time at home. Luckily, it is usually only a short-term issue.

🏑 You may have difficulty sleeping, feel isolated or anxious and have low self-esteem. You may have mixed emotions, from anger to sadness. You may struggle with headaches, no appetite and lack of concentration. It’s important to recognise these early signs and act upon them…

Welfare Wednesday: Comparison

🧑 I once heard that comparison is the thief of joy (thank you Theodore Roosevelt) and it stuck with me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t do fact, as I’m writing this, my own joy has been diluted through comparing myself to another.

🧑 Who have you compared yourself to in the last 24 hours? Think of the last time you checked Facebook or Instagram. Which updates made you feel envious, or made you feel as if your life paled in comparison? Or, did any posts make you feel smug, or better than that person? It works both ways!

🧑 We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. We shouldn’t do it.

🧑 Comparisons are always unfair. By definition it requires a measurement in someway and that’s not how life works. It steals our time and without a doubt, you can never win, but you can lose. Importantly, all too often, it results in resentment and deprives us of joy. I can relate on all those points on so many levels!

🧑 It helps to be aware of your triggers. Knowing what can make you feel unworthy m…

Welfare Wednesday: Mental Health

🧠 For today’s Welfare Wednesday post we want to talk about mental health. This is especially important as tomorrow is the University of Nottingham's internal Mental Health Day and there is a series of events running all week!

🧠 Whilst students entering higher education are now fives times more likely to disclose a mental health condition, research suggests that there is still significant under-reporting.

🧠 Stigma, discrimination and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders. Many of this stems from lack of understanding.

🧠 There have been advances to better understanding over recent years. We now have greater compassion and understanding, but we still need to continue to educate society and families about mental illness, and the need to have empathy for those who suffer.

🧠 Mental illness is not a personal failure. In fact, if there is any failure, it is a failure in society’s response to mental illness.

The 6Cs of Midwifery Applied to Life

Going through my year review I was reminded of the RCN Congress that Bea and I went to in Liverpool. I had such an amazing time and I learnt so much. One of my favourite aspects which I made some notes on was how the six Cs of Midwifery can apply to life and the important lesson was that by applying them to yourself, you provide better care to women. I can't remember who did the talk so I unfortunately can't give credit, but nevertheless, I wanted to share some of my favourite parts and own thoughts.

Compassion, care, courage, communication, commitment and competence. These 6Cs can be turned to the 6 self-love Cs which will help prevent burnout.

We should look after ourselves, the same way we care for women. This should be compassionately and we should remind ourselves that humans do not fail, therefore there is no shame in doing so as it is another opportunity to learn and grow. Similarly, focus on strengths and improvements, not weaknesses. Self-affirmation is not against mo…

Welfare Wednesday: Forgiveness

➕ With today being Ash Wednesday, whilst we are not all religious, it can be a useful time to reflect and forgive.

➕ There is power in forgiveness. Forgiveness does not erase the past, but looks upon it with compassion.

➕ To withhold forgiveness keeps alive emotions of hurt, anger and blame. Forgiveness has the power to heal the hurt and pain.

➕ Toxic and destructive emotions have the potential to activate immunological and inflammatory mediators, through increased stresses.

➕ Readjust your perception of forgiveness; associate it with your emotional welfare, not with letting the other person off lightly or punishing yourself.

Presenting at the RCM Research Conference!

As you probably know, I have been involved in a research project within the University of Nottingham. We have now finished the project and are eagerly awaiting publication, whilst disseminating the findings simultaneously. 
This week we found out we were not only successful in our application to present at the RCM Research Conference, but when the programme was released, we also found out we were the only two students who are on the entire programme. This is an incredible success on all our parts.  In case you were interested, this is a little bit about the project and ourselves. I will keep you all updated on when and where you can read the research when it is - hopefully! - finally published, later this year. 

With my interview for Student Midwife of the Year as well, March is a busy busy BUSY month for me. Stay tuned for more about the life of an incredible busy Student Midwife, trying to juggle everything.

Welfare Wednesday: Suicide

*Please bare in mind this post has a trigger warning. It is on the topic of suicide.*
πŸ’” This past weekend, the nation was rocked. Caroline Flack committee suicide and whilst this is not the originally scheduled post that was meant to be shared this week, it was too important not to discuss.

πŸ’” There are 16 deaths by suicide every day in the United Kingdom. Suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 45 years old. They are unfortunately, very scary, very sad but very true statistics.

πŸ’” 1 in 5 people have thought about suicide at some time in their life. Not all people who die by suicide have mental health problems. If someone is telling you they are suicidal, treat it as a plea for help and not a cry for attention. It is important to support them in getting the right kind of support, at the right time.

πŸ’” Today, it is important to reiterate the specialised services and help available to anyone, anytime they need it. Call your GP and ask for an emergency appointment.…

Taking the Bee Out!

After a couple weeks off, I am back with the cutest little story. The vlog this week is private to respect my family's wishes but I thought I would go ahead and share some of the things I did when I went down to London for the weekend. Click here if you have access to watch it!
My nephew's nursery gives one of the children a bee to take home each weekend. They're suppose to take pictures with it while they do fun activities and spend the weekend together. In all honesty my little Ray was not having any of it but I had some fun.
We took a trip to one of the National History Museums. I'm not a hige fan of museums in general but it was quite fun to help Bop with the quiz they offered to children. I also fell in love with the fluffy zebra-like animals! In the end, Ray was playing up so we ended up calling at McDonald's instead of a restaurant which was a little bit of a shame but nevertheless...I love a McDonald's!

I feel so at home at my sister's house. We enj…

Shortlisted for Student Midwife of the Year!

I am so incredibly excited to announce that I have been officially Shortlisted for Student Midwife of the Year.

I am beyond excited to have been shortlisted for this award and I am very thankful to the opportunity. I am a little in shock to be completely honest. With so many other great candidates, I am sure it will have been a difficult decision; to be selected as one of the top nominations in the country is an incredible honour. I feel very grateful and humbled to be a part of such an exclusive group of worthy candidates. Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted!

The category is explained as follows.
This award aims to recognise an outstanding student and to celebrate the understanding and communication skills needed in this field – from clinical skills to academic achievement, as well as interpersonal skills, which underpin the treatment of this patient group and relate to their families. In essence, entrants must combine the knowledge, skills and qualities required to e…

Welfare Wednesday: Self-Belief

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Self-belief is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “I can”. Instead of saying “I won’t”, say “I will”. Instead of saying “I don’t”, say “I do”.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Small changes can make big differences. It’s not always easy but you can do it. Have faith in yourself and results will follow. Change your “I don’t know how”, to “I will find a way”.

House Hunting and Designing a Dream Life!

Do you follow me on Pinterest? Just before Christmas, my dad gave me his old phone. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with my phone (except the camera was cracked), but it had 16GB of storage and I literally had to delete photos daily! My dad's phone meant I now have double the storage, plus a non-broken camera. 
Anyway, with the increased storage, I finally redownloaded my old favourite past time and I have been loving getting inspired to adult all over again! 
My boyfriend has been "casually" house hunting for a year and he's in no rush to buy a house but is ready if the right one came up. Well whilst looking somewhat for him, I found my dream first home and I have been dreaming of it ever since. It's just so perfect and dreamy and I can't even tell you how excited I am to have my own house and make it my home. I'm so excited for a little two up, two down first home to live in. It will be the best to have my own space! 
Personally, I love ne…

Welfare Wednesdays!

As part of my role as Welfare Officer on the committee of the Archery Club at the University of Nottingham, I share weekly Welfare Wednesday posts. I love writing these. I feel inspired and knowing that I can help just one person is incredibly rewarding.

I thought it would be great to include the posts over on the blog! These are anything from self-love to mental health and death.

Stay tuned to the upcoming weeks!

Holidaying with Friends

Last year I returned from a holiday with some university friends. Having been on holiday only with family or alone before, I can definitely say it’s a very different experience. Here's my thoughts of the experience back in August!
To be perfectly honest, I felt very much rushed into booking the holiday and was looking forward to the idea of going with friends more than the reality. With them stressing about booking a location, they did it somewhat without me fully researching it and I wasn’t very impressed with the end result. To be fair to them, the accommodation was better than I had expected but it was filthy, small and not the all-inclusive hotel I’ve become thoroughly accustomed to. When I got on holiday, I like to relax; I don’t want to worry about cleaning, cooking and making my bed. I love fresh bedding, a new towels daily and the opportunity to have room type of holiday.

I am quite and independent person so I find it hard to be around people 24/7 and being cr…

Films I am Most Excited for in 2020!

I was looking back through some old posts and reminiscing on my past life earlier this year. I came across a post from 2018 and I wanted to re-do it for this year too! As I'm sure you can see by the title, here's the films I can't wait to watch this year!
No Time To Die: The latest in the James Bond franchise and I seriously can't wait. I love Daniel Craig and it's been a while since the film came out so it will be nice to be re-imagined into the Bond world again...this time with him in love and heartbroken. Wonder Woman 1984: Wonder Woman was one of my legit one of my favourite films of 2017 and I thought it was amazing that women were in power, but also, it was the perfect film and so well created. I haven't watched the trailer for the sequel and I really DO NOT want to. I want to be completely surprised. Mulan: The next Disney live action remake is Mulan and it looks incredible. I love anything Disney and can't wait for this one too. Dolittle: Who can den…

School of Rock: The Musical (Review)

Whenever I go to London, I go see a musical on the West End and this trip to London was no different. I have been very lucky to see many musicals, especially as I managed to get cheap last minute tickets when I lived in London so I definitely made the most of it in my last few months there. This time was slightly different as I was going with my boyfriend. I wanted to pick something that wasn't super traditional and musically because he's not really into that, and I wanted it to be a story he was familiar with...aka not Disney. I settled on School of Rock and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much but I was completely blown away!

Click here to watch the trailer and here to buy tickets. Once again, I always buy tickets through TodayTix.

The theatre is a little further afield than other theatres, so took a little longer to get there than I expected but it is actually a really amazing theatre. It's a little dated in terms of the decor which isn't awful, but the queues…

2020 New Year's Resolutions!

2019 was a year of confidence, 2018 a year of change, 2017 focused on self-love, 2016 stood for progress and 2015 helped me reset. This year, my word for 2020 is intention. I've also decided to try and pick a few goals for each area of my life: personal, relationship and work.
Live in the moment. The last 3 months of last year were very hectic for me and whilst I loved every moment of it, I found myself torn in a million directions and not making the most of spending time and living in the moment. I want to optimise my time this year and re-evaluate my priorities. I want to focus on living in the now, without mindlessly worrying about other things. I don't want to multitask. I want to commit to being focused on one thing at a time by time blocking and organising days to relax and chill. Importantly, make a day off, be a day off. No emails. No work. Just focus. Learn to ice skate. It's been proven that those who learn a new skill every year, keep their brain engaged for long…

2019 Reflections!

As I think about what direction my 2020 resolutions are going to take, I want to reflect on last year's resolutions and the level of achievement from this past year.

My big goal was to stop drinking diet coke for the year. I'd always said I was going to have two cheat days, which ended up being my birthday and my boyfriend's birthday. But I also ended up having an additional glass on a fancy diet out in London...mainly because I felt very awkward going on a date with just 2 people and sticking to water.

Whilst unknown areas still scare me to drive to, I have enjoyed the independence of driving and the ease of getting from place to place. I've driven to Wales and back multiple times, to London and of course to and from my mum's house in Leeds. I've also taken road trips to Coventry and Alton Towers which has been nice. It's not necessarily the driving that I fear, but the parking situation when arrived.

Where do I begin with archery! I still love it and I ha…

2019 Rewind!

2019 was a big year for me and I so many things happened that I never expected. It was filled with so many highs, as well as a couple of lows. It was beyond anything I ever imagined and I was overjoyed to celebrate as I ended the year with loved ones. Here's a recap of one of my favourite year's to date.
I started the year with a small gathering at home with friends and family. Before heading back to Nottingham, we had a girls date to a newly opened Ivy in Leeds. Despite having some hard days with my housemates and feeling completely heartbroken at times, the month ended on a high, with an open mic night with my neighbours. It gave me a chance to relax and reset.

The first day of the month marked my first assessment of being a second year student midwife. To celebrate, my course mates and I headed to a Chinese buffet in town, Cosmo. February marked the month I started talking to my first serious crush every day for the rest of the year. My Valentine's date …

What I got for Christmas 2019!

It's finally here! Here is what I got for Christmas 2019. I have already shared my Secret Santa and my boyfriends gifts but here's what I opened on Christmas Day this year! What is Christmas without some sort of clothing? This year I got a tonne of new socks! I got some gorgeous comfy slipper socks from my mum and some Bamboo socks from my sister's boyfriends. Both are super soft. Then I got a little reindeer pair from my step Uncle and Aunt and here's the pack of festive socks I got from my boyfriend. My mum also got me some other clothes. A lovely pair of winter themes pyjama's, a gorgeous scarf and a sparkly dress.  I love playing board games and family friendly games so this year I got Colour Brain which was super fun and we played for a very long time on Christmas Day, plus Dominoes and Jenga! These were from my oldest sister and my dad.  My mum also got us a little bit of a joke present as we always steal her toiletries when we visit!
From my godmother, I go…