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Flamingo: Shaving Subscription Box

I’ve reviewed a few razor or shaving subscription boxes over the years so I thought it was about time for another one. From Dorco Eve to Dollar Shave Club, this time I tried the Flamingo box.  Flamingo is the sister company of Harry. I’ve always loved Harry’s and over the years I’ve bought a number of times as gifts for others. They specialise in high-quality, effective products, starting with a hair removal line. They have razors for shaving of course, but also have at home waxing products too, with both face and body kits.  I love how cute and little the box is. It’s the perfect letterbox size, plus the packaging is completely recyclable. Inside, the packaging ensures the items are secured in place. The razor box comes complete with the handle, one blade and also a razor holder too which was quite a nice addition. It also includes a short booklet with some information about both the product and the company, and some shaving foam. The starter pack comes complete with the razor handle,

Halloween Decor Reveal 2021!

If you saw last week's post, you'll have seen I purchased some Halloween decorations from In Other Word Designs and I am in love. As soon as I got them, I wanted to decorate straight away but I wanted to wait to share the full reveal until I’d put up the old ones as well   Of course, first and foremost, I’ve got this cute sign up in the kitchen. It was originally in the lounge but it’s now on my cupboard door which just gets less use and traffic.  On and around the television I’ve put up the spider web and fake spiders.  The main area is the dining room table. Hanging from the canvas’s I have a bag banner. Then on the table I have the majority of my In Other Word Designs purchases. I have two cream pumpkins, plus the bat and pumpkin wire images. I also still have my yellow candle and two new solar lights I’ve purchased for outside. They’re a navy blue so work well in the lounge for the interim period as they add a little bit of a spooky element. These are both from Go Outdoors

Affirmation Cards (Review)

Some of you may have been following since last summer, when I became a qualified Hypnobirthing Instructor . I absolutely loved my training and I have loved being able to implement it into my practice. I could build a business around it as well, but I am currently busy with everything else in my life, so I'm just enjoying sharing posts on the topic and also being able to support women in my clinical role as well. Today, I wanted to quickly share a product I have been gifted in exchange for an honest review and I think it links well with both hypnobirthing, but also my focus of this blog in general: positivity .  These cards are from Mal Paper . The company takes inspiration from the Scandinavian minimalist and clutter-free way of living, which if you know me, is also my mantra . I've also been recently having an autumn "spring clean", especially organising the kitchen! I can't wait to share with you all, that post soon! As a result, they create simplistic and effec

Halloween Decor, Pumpkin Festival and Expensive Breakdowns!

It's officially October so I decorated for Halloween, picked my pumpkin, had some highs and also some lows.  Click here for the vlog or watch below.  I started my week by going to my first house viewing for myself. It was good to get the opportunity to go and see somewhere, as recently, places have been sold even before viewings can even be arranged. Let's just say this house didn't quite tick all the boxes, but I'm so excited to have a house. I'm just ready now. Luke and I finally had a day off together so we headed out on a walk and to some shops to grab some bits and pieces. We ended up getting lunch out at Costa which was actually lovely. Despite the autumn weather approaching, the sunshine was out and it was surprisingly warm. It was so nice, we even ate outside!  I love having days off during the week, which is one of the reasons I personally don't like community placement as much. My mum ended up coming over and it was lovely to see her. She came over and

Gousto: Meal Subscription Box (Review)

 As you guys know, I've been getting Hello Fresh at least once a month for the majority of this year. After a poor experience with the last box, I decided it was time to switch things up, so instead I ordered my meal subscription box with Gousto this week. Having done some research, Gousto is the leading sustainable company in it's field. By planning and pre-portioning ingredients, meal subscription boxes reduce food waste to almost zero and Gousto ensures ingredients include as much British meat and produce as possible. The box came early in the morning, when unfortunately I was at work. Luckily, it's packaged with a separate area for fridge ingredients which are guaranteed to stay fresh for 12 hours. I liked that these were in a separate box, despite meaning slightly more waste. I also thought it was nice that instead of having a huge bag for each meal, the dry ingredients are all portioned together.  Meal 1: Garlic Chicken Kiev with Green Beans This chicken was AMAZING

In Other Word Designs Haul and Review

In Other Word Designs is a small business I have followed for almost a year now, and I absolutely loved seeing all their items on social media. I think they are so pretty and stylish, yet also quite unique and diverse. I had originally planned on waiting to purchase anything until I bought my first house and moved in, but when they released their Halloween collection, I couldn't say no, so I purchased a few Halloween bits, as well as some house decor.  The box came really well packaged. I loved the tissue paper and the sticker, both so pretty. They included a business card and clear instructions on how to hang my wall art. I also loved how everything was packaged. They limited plastic waste and most packaging was recyclable. The wire flat items were taped to card so they were in the correct positions and you could see the layout. Then, the pumpkins were wrapped in lots of brown paper which made them secure.  I bought some Halloween decorations as mentioned: 3 "boo" pumpk