Halloween Decor, Pumpkin Festival and Expensive Breakdowns!

It's officially October so I decorated for Halloween, picked my pumpkin, had some highs and also some lows. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

I started my week by going to my first house viewing for myself. It was good to get the opportunity to go and see somewhere, as recently, places have been sold even before viewings can even be arranged. Let's just say this house didn't quite tick all the boxes, but I'm so excited to have a house. I'm just ready now.

Luke and I finally had a day off together so we headed out on a walk and to some shops to grab some bits and pieces. We ended up getting lunch out at Costa which was actually lovely. Despite the autumn weather approaching, the sunshine was out and it was surprisingly warm. It was so nice, we even ate outside! 

I love having days off during the week, which is one of the reasons I personally don't like community placement as much. My mum ended up coming over and it was lovely to see her. She came over and helped clean by house. I keep it tidy, but not really deep clean often. We got Pizza Express for lunch as I had thought we were going out for tea in the evening but she ended up having dinner party plans. So instead, Luke came over and we had a mini date night. He even treated me to a hair drying which is my favourite.

I then worked the Saturday and Sunday, so because Luke was busy at work on Monday I drove up to Yorkshire and headed to a Pumpkin Festival with my mum. It was £2 a ticket but so much fun. I loved the food and all the different photo prop areas. The weather wasn't great but it was fun, I think mum even had a good time. The pumpkins were a little soggy and not quite what I was looking for. I just wanted to have a couple of small white, yellow and green ones ready for a decor table feature, but instead I just picked up one for carving. It was surprisingly heavy and I really hurt my hand carrying it back to the car...even giving me a splinter from the stork.

To finish the week, I had another Friday off and so I had my MOT booked in. I think last year I was somewhat expecting for it to fail but this year I wasn't expecting to fail at all. I had so many plans afterwards and sadly I went from starting the day off on a massive high, after having my first home birth, the day before, to having to spend so much money on a car that needs to be scraped! 

To top it off, my laptop then crashed. Thankfully, I have a - sometimes - great boyfriend who took the whole thing apart, replaced my CMOS battery and it's now fully functional once again. Although, it's also very broken and I need a new one soon because the screen is cracked.

Overall, one very strange day to end the week on. Next week, all about Halloween!