Flamingo: Shaving Subscription Box

I’ve reviewed a few razor or shaving subscription boxes over the years so I thought it was about time for another one. From Dorco Eve to Dollar Shave Club, this time I tried the Flamingo box. 

Flamingo is the sister company of Harry. I’ve always loved Harry’s and over the years I’ve bought a number of times as gifts for others. They specialise in high-quality, effective products, starting with a hair removal line. They have razors for shaving of course, but also have at home waxing products too, with both face and body kits. 

I love how cute and little the box is. It’s the perfect letterbox size, plus the packaging is completely recyclable. Inside, the packaging ensures the items are secured in place. The razor box comes complete with the handle, one blade and also a razor holder too which was quite a nice addition. It also includes a short booklet with some information about both the product and the company, and some shaving foam.

The starter pack comes complete with the razor handle, one blade and a small sample size product of shaving foam. You can select from three blade colours: mauve grey and rose gold, mint green and gold or burnt orange and silver. Of course, I wanted it to match my bathroom, so I was a little thrown by the colour options, but went for the grey option. 
The luxe gel is formulated to condition skin, soften hair, and add a cushion to your shave. The scent is described as “warm, floral, and spa-like with notes of iris and Sicilian lemon, finished with a hint of suede”. I personally didn’t find the foam had a scent at all. If anything, you have to bring it right to your nose and it’s still very faint. In a way I personally prefer this, especially because floral scents can often be overpowering and give me headaches. In terms of the consistency of the foam, it’s not like a foam I’m used to. Most razor subscriptions come with shaving gel or butter, so you have a foam was quite surprising. I’ve only really used well known brands before, and this bottle is a lot smaller. I love that’s it’s white, clean and simple in it’s looks, and the foam is the same. I do feel like you need to use a fair amount because it’s quite a light formula. It also doesn’t foam as much. It’s pretty much the same volume after foaming as before. Nevertheless, it does what it says on the packet. 
Onto the razor itself. The razor is described as ergonomical to the extreme and I can’t deny it’s just that. It’s weighted handle and rubber grip makes it easy to hold. It’s probably the most comfortable razor I’ve ever used personally. I love how flexible the head is. It’s bend and curves to the body’s contours. The cartridge is a five blade razor for more precise and sharp shaving.  It also has an added hydrating strip that supposedly allows blades to move smoothly. I don’t think this adds anything personally, but nevertheless it’s a nice addition. 

I’ve now used the blade twice. Unfortunately, it’s not a strong enough blade for “that first shave in a long time”, with lots of think hair. I had to go over areas sometimes two or three times, plus, the hair kept getting trapped. I would say the results were a little better on the “top up” shave but still felt like I had to try hard to ensure the blade was clear of hair. 
If you’ve read previous reviews, you’ll know I love supporting small businesses that also support other charities and give back. Flamingo sets aside 1% of sales to support nonprofit organisations, working to ensure women build healthy, positive relationships with themselves. They’re especially committed to bring more education and support to women’s needs. Current partners include: The Female Lead, Exhale to Inhale, Period, Girls Inc. and The AAKAMO Project. 

Overall, I love the look and feel of this razor. I think it’s so pretty and very feminine. Unfortunately, it’s not the closest shave I’ve ever had and I don’t personally think the hydrating strip does a lot. I was also quite shocked not to have received more than one blade in the kit, especially as they advise changing every 6 shaves. Similarly, the shaving foam doesn’t foam up all that much and so it’s not something I would repurchase. If you want to try it for yourself, you can get this starter kit for just the postage cost of £3.95. 


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