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Presents, Food and Games - Christmas 2018!

Christmas is finally here! Watch me celebrate Christmas Day and enjoy a fancy Boxing Day meal! Click here for the vlog or see below.  If you watched my Christmas Eve vlog, you probably saw me a little emotional and it was a hard day. Having your family open Christmas presents without you is tough! I know Christmas isn't actually about presents but it's a huge part of the memories. Anyway, I woke up excited to open presents but mum said she would open them with me, but on her schedule, so instead I got dressed and ready first.  I chose an older dress that I actually bought for my cousin's birthday, a few years ago now. I usually curl my hair for Christmas but instead, I thought I would french plait it for a change and went for more natural looking curls. I also treated myself to a new LipSense colour - somewhat unplanned - to match my dress, in Sheer Berry.  It wasn't too long once I was ready that we could open presents. Mum and Jess had even saved th

Desserts, Friend Date and Christmas Eve!

I just about made it back to Coventry safe and sound, headed to the most amazing deserts bar and then headed home. The next day I met up with Hannah, my best childhood friend, and then I celebrated Christmas Eve.  Click here for the vlog or watch below.  I had the worst night's sleep on the couch from hell. It was so uncomfortable and despite everyone telling me it was SO comfy, I barely got any sleep. As my cousin and her flatmates left for Christmas I just about managed to sleep through the noise and then I must have muted my alarm because I woke up super late. I had just about 30 minutes to get ready and pack, before having to get the tube. It was not the calm morning I had planned, and I defintely did not have time to stop at Gregg's for a bacon sandwich.  Nevertheless, I raced through Euston with two minutes spare only to discover the train had been cancelled. Luckily, it was a Saturday and all the trains were classed as off-peak so I could get on the next t

Magic Mike LIVE in London (Review)

I can't believe I went to see Magic Mike LIVE in London ! Please note, this review includes some spoilers. Click here for the video or watch below.  The way they have set up the Magic Mike show is really beautiful. The show has it's own entrance so you don't have to go through the casino itself. Outside there is a red carpet with security, and then you walk up a gold staircase before meeting bag check in. The scan each item, text you the labelled numbers and take a picture of you so you can easily get them back at the end of the show. It's so clever and very simple.  As you walk around to the show entrance, there is a bar and a ticket checker and then one of the staff members takes you to your seat. You really are made to feel very special. Unfortunately, there was someone in my seat and I didn't have the nerve to ask them to move as the usher said it was my choice.  Also, as you get seated, you get asked by a bartender if you want any drinks whic