Mixed Christmas Gift Guide 2018!

This year I totally went massively overboard and spoilt all my friends and family massively. I did most of my shopping online as I've just so busy with shift work, and for once, a social life! I bought things mainly from Oakdene Designs, Not on the Highstreet, Amazon and Debenhams. Some of the unlinked products are from last year or M+S. 

For my oldest sister and her husband, I got this candle holder in copper, with their initials on. 
Then for their individual gifts I got Vicki a cute wicker basket full of sensitive hand cream and bath soap. For her husband, I got him a men's gift set. 

My other older sister got the cutest gift but it has yet to arrive, but it's a personalised travel jewellery box.

For my mum's husband, I bought him a desktop golf game for fun and a key ring with S + S 2018, their initials and their wedding year.
For my cousin, Emma, I got her Gordon's Gin.
Similarly, my other cousin got a bottle of Prosecco, this time with some cute Prosecco Mixers.
For my little sister, I bought her the cutest bee earrings and a colour changing gin set.
For my dad, I got him a set of virtual reality glasses and a mug for Christmas. For his birthday in January, I bought him a wall mounted key hangers, with bikes along the top, and a men's self-care kit. 

For my dogs, I bought a tree decoration for each of them, with ornaments that look like Labradors with their names cut out of them.
For my niece and nephew, I got them each a print for their rooms with matching hand knitted dolls. 
I then got them a Christmas book each which matched their ages.
For my grandma, I got her a set of heated clothing with a scarf, hat and gloves. For her birthday, I got her an diffuser and a Royal Jelly Bath Set.

For my dad's girlfriend, Karen, I got her a mug and a Hot Chocolate Syrup set for Christmas. For her birthday, I got her a manicure nail set as she scrubs up a lot, so I thought it would be useful.

For my mum, I got her these 'coasters' with personalised messages on, a little card game to play around the table and a cute necklace which is right up her alley.
For my friend, Clare, I got her some self-help sleep spray with Aromatherapy, and completed with an eye mask.
For my little sister's boyfriend, Josh, I got him this Nando's Peri-Peri Salt set.
For myself, I got this Chocolate Cake in a Mug set.
For my friend, Hannah, I got her this cute Hot Chocolate Mug set.
For my neighbours birthday, I got him this mug which was more of a joke present!
For my housemate Secret Santa, I got her this reusable, recycled, Bamboo kitchen roll and some vegan bath bombs. Plus a little avocado keyring , not pictured.
For my friend's little one year old son, I got him a cute bath toy and Tom Flether's "There's a / in your book!"
Hope this helps inspire you with some last minute gift ideas! What would you want?


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