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My Favourite Quote!

My favourite quote of all time is: "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."
Any idea wear this quote is from? Think about it. Wait a second. Any ideas? 3 2 1...
This is from my favourite movie, "A Cinderella Story" with my favourite actress Hilary Duff. Everyone always says it is a rubbish movie to have as a favourite. SPOILER ALERT. Yes, it's not an Oscar winning, dramatic, action packed film but, being the utterly, hopeless romantic I am, I will never tire of seeing Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray kiss as a rain drop runs down his cheek... *ah sigh; swoon* One day, when I finally own a home, I want to get a big canvas to put it on, perhaps over my bed.
Everyone interprets quotes differently and opinions vary. There is never a right, or a wrong answer; people can choose to agree or disagree. Sometimes the only person that knows the truth is the person that wrote or drew the topic of interest.
I was always really annoyed in Eng…

New Year's Eve Decoration Tutorial

Looking on Pinterest, I found so many cute and easy crafts. Quick, easy and cheap.

All you need for all these crafts are:
- Card
- PVA glue
- Ribbon
- Glitter or Paint or Both!

I got all of this at 'The Works' for less than £6, except for the ribbon. I had some ribbon laying around the house from an old birthday present so I just used that.

You also need:
- Newspaper
- Scissors
- Hole puncher

Most people have these lying around the house already so easy!

'Happy New Year' Banner:
I found the template for this at 'The Idea Room'.
I didn't have any clothes pegs or string, and i thought it would be easier with ribbon so here is my version:
Very simple.
The template can be found online. I used 3 different coloured pieces of card to print on. Then use the hole puncher to punch a hole in each corner. Finally, thread the ribbon, in and out of the letters and it is that simple! I found it easier to cut the ribbon up for each word but you can obviously but them all o…

Clothing Haul for Toddler

So today I went to ASDA before lunch with my mum, sister and godmother. As always, I was drawn to the children's clothes and I couldn't help but get some as, yet more, Christmas presents for my gorgeous niece Bop. 
I love George at ASDA. The quality of clothes is great and the price is amazing. I got the entire haul for less than £25 - that's for 4 outfits plus a party dress! Prices and names will be named throughout. Pictures are courtesy of ASDA website and myself for more detail. Bop is now at an age where she is growing slower so it's nice to be able to get some winter clothes that can also be worn in summer. 
Let's begin!
2 Pack Crochet Trim Leggings - £4.00 No child can have too many leggings. They are easy to wash, simple to put on and can be paired with anything. Here, there is a soft, blush pink colour and a dark navy blue. I try to get outfits so these both go with the 2 tops in which I got (see below). The ruffles at the bottom just add a little bit of …

Sexuality By Choice(?!), Rants and Tom Daley!

This morning I woke up at 6am...thanks to my mother making a racket. I looked at Instagram and there I found a post by the Seewald family. If anyone knows '19 kids and Counting', Jessa Duggar recently married Ben Seewald and it is his family's Instagram. They also have there own blog page and so this morning, a picture included the link to the blog page. I don't normally follow links from Instagram and definitely not at that early hour in the morning, but as I scrolled through, the comments section was a very heated argument with lots of interest.

Read their views, specifically Michael's here:
View the Seewald's family Instagram here:

Having not been religious at all and considering myself an atheist, I found this post very difficult to read and digest, simply due to the archaic language and bible infused paragraphs, but the gist can be grasped.

The majority of religious people in …

Graze Discounts!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while. I haven't posted in nearly 4 months but that's because I've been at university and it is so ridiculously busy, I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself.

Still, I really like being able to look back at my summer and see what I did so hopefully I will be able to get back into it for Christmas; I may try to do Blogmas: a blog every day for December/Christmas.

I just wanted to make a little post about a new healthy eating website: GRAZE! I have recently joined and being a fussy eater its hard to eat healthily. I think these are perfect. You can Bin, Try, Like or Love snacks and based on a this feedback, they send you the snacks. You can schedule the boxes to suit you and you can get up to 4 snacks a week. Perfect for lunchboxes.

I have a discount which gives you your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free! But can just have the first box for free and then cancel when you like!
I think t…

DVD Haul

Hi Everyone
I recently bought a load of DVDs from ASDA. I was getting rather bored of the same movies over and over again and nothing good being on TV. I haven't treated myself to new DVDs in a long time so I thought I would splash out! 
I love the book series, I went to see this at the cinema and I loved it! Can't wait to watch it again soon! 
Vampire Academy 
I loved the book series and I couldn't wait for the film when it was announced. The movie flunked at the box office in Anerica and when I watched the trailer I could see why. It doesn't look great but I thought I would give it a try because I still love the story line. 
Endless Love 
Oh my! My first ever crush was in Alex Pettyfer and so ever since Stormbreaker I have watched every single movie he is in...and know most of them off by heart. I am a romantic girl, always and forever, so this is my perfect movie! Swoon! 
So Undercover  Cheap and cheerful. I have seen this movie before so I can't wait to watch…

Holiday 2014: Jewellery

Hi Everyone

When you go on holiday, you don't want take all if your collection because it can get lost or damaged really easily. I also, only wear jewellery in the evening because I am constantly in and out of the pool, so really I only where it for 5 hours maximum. 
Here are the pieces that I chose to bring with me this year.
My pandora bracelet:

I love my pandora bracelet. Most of the charms mean something to me: Aeroplane: my first trip alone to Tanzania, with GapMedics last year

Cupcake: this is how my friends and I celebrated are GCSEs so my mum got me a cupcake to remember  H: my name
Lock and Chain: a secret my sister told me...she was pregnant
Star: my mum said with my AS results 'I was her little super star' 16: my 16th birthday
Pearl: birthstone

Work books: from my dad for GCSE results
Carriage: from my sisters for prom 18: my 18th birthday Camera: I love taking pictures and I bought myself this on the day of my lasts A-level exam
My 'heart' necklace:


Holiday 2014: Day OOTD

Hello Everyone

Here are my outfits of the day from Portugal! 
Purple floaty dress from Debenhams about 3 years ago. It's really comfy but it is very fiddly to put on and off.
2: I got this from Debenhams this year, at £25, and I love it! It's surprisingly cool, super comfy and really easy to get on and off. Also, the colours look great with a tan!

This is from ASDA this year. Cheap and cheerful. The prefect bikini and round the pool outfit.
4: Probably 3 years old from Marks and Spencer's. Really easy to wear but I wouldn't recommend it to go out in because it is a little bit you can see above!

I wore this to Albufiera and Villa Moura on a day out. It was a little bit cold with lots of clouds blocking the sun. Crop white trousers, from who-knows-where (old!) and a new top from Next. It was really cheap because it was on sale as England had just left the world cup. Haha.
Similarly to the maxi dress, both match the bikini. This sarong is the …

Meeting My First Love Part 1

Hi Everyone,My first, and currently only, love is my gorgeous niece! I am going to do a few blogs on her being part of my life :)

How did she tell me?
She was coming up for the weekend, as she lives in London, and came to my dad's house. My dad already knew and I had no idea what was about to happen. She got me and my younger sister, Jessica, together and gathered us around the computer. Clicking play, a little grey blip on the screen moved. She was 3 months pregnant! 

How did I feel?
Honestly, when I first heard that my oldest sister Victoria was pregnant...I was shocked. In my mind, you should be together, engaged, married and then start a family. I have nothing against families in any other order but the picture-perfect, in my eyes, was that fairytale step. 
I went upstairs to my room and cried. When I look back I don't know if these were tears of shock, saddness or happiness. But after about half an hour, I ran downstairs hugged her and was over-the-moon!

Birth? Victoria had a di…

Race Weekend: Outfit of the Day

Hi Everyone,
As you know I am a massive Formula One fan and this weekend I travelled to Milton Keynes for the British Grand Prix 2014. 
It was an amazing experience as said in my previous post. 
Wednesday 02/07/14: I wore a long tunic top that is about 5 years old. It has holes in now but It is so comfy and a really pretty colour! This was paired with black leggings from Warehouse coating £14, black FitFlops and a paired this with a brown leather jacket from Joe Browns, an online company, costing around £30 I think. I wore my heart necklace half rose gold and half Sterling silver, from my father 3 Christmases favourite necklace! 
Thursday 03/07/14: 

I wore a grey horse top from Dorothy Perkins, around £15 I think, paired with turquoise jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and my black FitFlops. The same necklace again.

Friday 04/07/14: 

I wore a blue dress from Dorothy Perkins prices at £12. It is so comfy and in the summer I wear it as a dress and winter it can be worn with leggings so win…