Clothing Haul for Toddler

So today I went to ASDA before lunch with my mum, sister and godmother. As always, I was drawn to the children's clothes and I couldn't help but get some as, yet more, Christmas presents for my gorgeous niece Bop. 

I love George at ASDA. The quality of clothes is great and the price is amazing. I got the entire haul for less than £25 - that's for 4 outfits plus a party dress! Prices and names will be named throughout. Pictures are courtesy of ASDA website and myself for more detail. Bop is now at an age where she is growing slower so it's nice to be able to get some winter clothes that can also be worn in summer. 

Let's begin!

2 Pack Crochet Trim Leggings - £4.00
No child can have too many leggings. They are easy to wash, simple to put on and can be paired with anything. Here, there is a soft, blush pink colour and a dark navy blue. I try to get outfits so these both go with the 2 tops in which I got (see below). The ruffles at the bottom just add a little bit of extra classiness and texture. 

Fairy Print Top - £2.00
A simple, every day t-shirt to wear to nursery and keep cool. The added detail here is the little ruffle on the sleeves so that it is just off the shoulder. It is elasticated for those chubby toddler arms! There is a bow on the fairies dress which adds a little 3D detail. The peach and lilac complement each other perfectly and it is surrounded with a fairytale story; I thought this was a really cute detail!

Birdcage Top - £3.50
I think this top screams Vicky. A dirty beige, long-sleeved jumper for those colder days. It has the cutest set of birds in birdcages. They are very bright adding to the childish cuteness. I am actually really jealous...I want this top so bad! I also, love the little gold bow detailing. 

Floral Lace Dress - £8.00
No girl can have too many dresses, right? I don't think I've ever got Bop a party dress and as soon as I saw this one, it screamed 'Bop!!!!'. My sweet niece has gorgeous, bright blue eyes and blue is just a stunning colour on her. There are 4 buttons at the back from the neck to waist for easy dressing. This precious dress is just delicate enough to be girly yet allow her freedom to be wild. It is made of a soft satin under dress, covered with a layer of lace designed into a flower pattern. It reminds me so much of her mother's wedding dress. 

Floral Slogan Sweatshirt Set - £6.00
My favourite piece and it is truly gorgeous. It comes with this really cute, long-sleeved jumper, which reads: I am so happy today. It is a mucky beige colour which will easily cover any dirty marks and is surrounded by flowers and leaves. paired with blue, denim-lookalike leggings for comfort and ease of putting on; these can also, easily be paired with other outfits. The blue in the writing matches perfectly.

I love all these pieces and can't wait to see them on her. But, as they are gifts, I did get gift receipts. I know parents can be fussy, so if my sister doesn't like anything she can easily return it.