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My 'Best of 2015' - Pictures Explained

I saw these going around Instagram for the last few days and finally decided to get one for myself. It wasn't anywhere near as easy as I thought it would be. I thought it would just have a link on the Amazon app but no. 
I did a quick Google search to find the website and so if you too want to find your 9 most 'liked' and popular photos of 2015 on Instagram just click or visit There it is pretty easy to follow and they have the instructions clear to follow. I found it a little odd you could type in any Instagram username, not just your own, but if you have friends or favourite celebrities you could look up their's too! On the main page, you can also see the top 10 celebrity pictures.

So here's mine:
So the first photo is me lounging on the sofa in, what was, my brand new Trixin Clothing dress. I did a haul post of the other items I got from Trixin Clothing which you can view if you want. It also includes a little review on the quality. I've li…

Homemade Advent Calendar!

I ended up leaving my advent calendar at home because...well just because I'm stupid but I love counting down till Christmas so I asked my mum to write me a riddle and hide a chocolate every day. In my mind, I thought she would write like a rhyming one but she made them a little too easier. I'm still proud she did it though!

Day 1:
Heater trolley!
Day 2:
It was behind a card with a picture of a little house on. Day 3:

We have so many Christmas tree's it was hard to narrow down, but in the kitchen it was wrapped around the decorative sparkly silver tree star.
Day 4:  It was on our cute little reindeer's tail in the lounge. 
Day 5:  It was in the dogs side of the conservatory just above the mirror in between some snowmen mum bought from a charity.

Christmas Presents for the Family!

For my sister, Jessica, these cute DIY candles. I made a quick post on how to make them here :)
I also got a last minute gift bag from Lush for her, called Buttercup. It was cheap, sweet and cheerful in her favourite colour of yellow.
'Make someone's day with this beautiful duo of sweet goodies. We've brought together two of our biggest sellers to soothe and soften: our gorgeous cocoa butter Butterball bath bomb, and a slice of Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Just the thing to leave you smelling good enough to eat.'

For my 'Old Guy' aka dad some gardening tools for his biggest passion in life.
 For my niece, Bop, a colouring book and some jigsaws. I have some clothes on order but as I'm not seeing her for another month I didn't see any point in rushing to be honest.
 For my mum, this beautiful wreath. Also from Winter Wonderland and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it did get a little mis-shappened on the train home :(
She also seemed pretty annoyed…

Blog Update

So after the events of this year I've decided that I'm going to make my current blog permanently private. I'm going to use that blog for the original purpose as a diary entry for myself. It will still be available for others to read but only if I add them by email addresses. If you want to have access to my daily life updates, feel free to message me your emails on any of my social media accounts underneath the 'Stay Connected' button on the side.

I have now transferred all my non-diary related posts to the blog I had first, this one! This blog is called hansla1000, and as I never deleted it, it has my very first posts on! Posts will included those such as Hauls, Reviews, Recipes, TAGs, Medic Related and Special Occasions. Feel free to let me know if you would like any of the other posts to be featured on this public blog.

Even though I have transferred the posts, the links within the posts are still linked back to the original posts so unfortunately I haven't …

Christmas Presents 2015 Haul!

So I ended up getting way more than I thought and I actually liked most of them! I got a lot of money from friends and family and then gifts from my mum, dad and sis  A cute dressing gown. It's so soft and feels so nice against my face. I already have one very similar but it's apparently 10 years old, completely lost it's colour but I'll still use it; it will mean I won't have to pack it when I come and visit because I can leave one at uni and one at home.
 I have one evening bag which is a silver, gorgeous clutch but unfortunately it's magnetic and so it's ripped the fabric. This cute black mesh clutch will go with almost everything.
I love baking but I've never backed cookies, at least not by myself! This is so cute, especially with the little cookie cutter.

 I always love a bit of pampering and so a mask is perfect!
 Oh actually, I lied, this was a gift from my godmother and her family. I don't really wear mascara so I'm always looking for n…

Family Christmas Tag!

For an extra special, early Christmas morning treat, I thought it would be fun to do this tag :)

So originally this tag was made by Zoe Sugg, of Zoella on YouTube. She made it as a friends tag but I think I'm going to keep mine who comes to the traditional Christmas day. Maybe next year I will do a Friends Tag :)

Who would bring the best dessert?
Aunty Susie - he chocolate cake is to die for!

Who would carve the turkey?
Uncle Jonathan - because he's the man of the family.

Who would take the best photos?
Me - I'm literally the only one in the family who takes photo's.

Who would look the most glam?
Eleanor - if she tries, she looks stunning; Ellie goes from trackies to ballgown.

Who would have the tackiest Christmas jumper?
Aunty Susie - have you seen the clothes she wears sometimes, once she came out in a crop top :|

Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?
Stuart - he's so not funny, in my sense of all.

Who would fall asleep first?
Emma - because she usually …

Christmas Shopping Haul!

I have so many posts I want to get up so I decided I would just double up for the next few days :L

I bought 2 identical jumpers from Dorothy Perkins which have buttons on the shoulder, but in different colours: olive and black. I think they're super cute and long so they cover the tops of my thighs. They also have a slit at the bottom which just adds a little extra style. The comfy, lightweight material is the perfect jumper for me because I get hot so easily!

I also bought a dress from Dorothy Perkins. They call it the Voulez Vouz Pewter Mesh Swing Dress. I liked it when I saw it for a swinging 1920s party but I'm not sure I LOVE it. 
I've almost run out my toner so I left it at university and finally got a version to leave at home. If you read my night time routine it's the same stuff: Lush's Eau Roma Water.