Christmas Presents 2015 Haul!

So I ended up getting way more than I thought and I actually liked most of them! I got a lot of money from friends and family and then gifts from my mum, dad and sis
 A cute dressing gown. It's so soft and feels so nice against my face. I already have one very similar but it's apparently 10 years old, completely lost it's colour but I'll still use it; it will mean I won't have to pack it when I come and visit because I can leave one at uni and one at home.
 I have one evening bag which is a silver, gorgeous clutch but unfortunately it's magnetic and so it's ripped the fabric. This cute black mesh clutch will go with almost everything.
I love baking but I've never backed cookies, at least not by myself! This is so cute, especially with the little cookie cutter.

 I always love a bit of pampering and so a mask is perfect!
 Oh actually, I lied, this was a gift from my godmother and her family. I don't really wear mascara so I'm always looking for new ones to fall in love with.
 Oh and this mum's boyfriend's sister-in-law got me this present. Just some cute Jack Wills lip balms.
 You may have seen my boot haul from a month ago but I still haven't found a pair of flat brown boots I like. Mine have currently been so worn they basically have no sole left at all.
 This cute bar of soap.
 The ever needed apple slicer; cut up an apple with one easy push!
 I actually really like Clinique products and these lip glosses look beautiful.
 Some new slippers because mine are mouldy :/
 Some soft socks.
 A collection of CD's I asked for. I love these!
 This is a beautifully packaged bath and body collection. Not sure if I'll ever use it but it's stunning!
 Aunty Susanna told my mum that colouring is relaxing, I completely disagree, but either way here is my 'adult colouring book'.
 How cute is this woollen knitted hot water bottle and matching eye mask?!
Jess got me a scarf with matching gloves.

And then of course there is all the chocolate: from simple, to fancy, to selection boxes to 16 large packets of minstrels! I swear my family want me to stay FAT!

I also got 2 dresses. I which I wore on Christmas Day so see tonight's post and the second was a loose jump suit but I don't particularly like it. 

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this little haul, speak to you tonight.


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