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What I've Learnt in Y1! (Medic Series)

Have you been staying up to date with all my blog posts in the 'Medic Series'. If not click here to see a list of them all! I think that every year of life is a learning curve and every year, I will continue to learn more but since starting university I have been on this very steep learning curve so I thought I would just share a few of the things I have learnt, mostly related to university life in general, not just studying medicine...mostly. How to be alone. How to introduce myself.  Forcing myself out of my comfort zone and to talk to new people.  Take the time out to spend having fun. You are only young once. Go and visit family; they miss you more than you miss them. Your life has changed to this new exciting adventure but theirs is the same but with you missing.  Use all the resources available to you. You may think you know the right way to revise to suit you but honestly using a range of resources is the best thing possible. Repeat the same topic over and over

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit - Haul, Swatches and Review

You guys have no idea how long I dreamed about these lip kits and I tried so hard to get them for so long to no success. Well on the 3rd May I finally found success thanks to Kylie Jenner Lip Kits on Twitter! She's - at least I'm assuming it's a she, sorry if you're a he! - seriously the best; posting updates on restocks, countdowns of the restocks and then saying when each kit goes out of stock. Seriously thank you! I decided to send them to my home address in the hope it would make me a little more patient but it definitely did not! I was so excited when I finally received them! After paying for the lip kits and postage and packaging, I was extremely disappointed when I also got charged a £25 customs fees. I hate that we get charged so much when we've already paid for it. It's not even like the package is very big so that annoyed me as well as delayed me getting the package. To top it off they put massive custom charge stickers all over the gorgeous box wh

GapMedics - Tanzania 2013 (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is a few clips from a GapMedics trip I took to Tanzania back in 2013. I loved my time there and got some valuable experience with their healthcare system but we did have fun outside the hospital too. We went to see an orphanage, did karaoke at a restaurant and then celebrate one last time. I love how the kids took my camera and recorded some. It's crazy how much they know about technology considering the way that they live. Click here to watch it. I have actually already done a GapMedics post a while back so click here to read that. I included a lot of my favourite pictures over there :)

3 day Juice Cleanse - Raw Honest First Timer Opinion

So today's post is something a little different and something I've never done before. Last week after exams, I did a juice cleanse. I took my time to do a lot of research before undertaking it and so this post is going to be about the process of deciding, how I came to the decision, the unboxing, first impressions and a full review on the whole process.  I have also made a video of the unboxing and my very first impressions of each of the drink. Trust me one of them is hilarious! Click here to watch.  Deciding I purchased my juice cleanse almost a month before I had it scheduled to be delivered. I knew when I was in the midst of exams I wouldn't be eating very well. Not that I would be eating terribly but I knew I was probably going to be getting some sort of takeaway after each exam and so I knew my system would be full of junk. As it happens, I had a KFC on Monday night, a McDonald's on Tuesday night and then I didn't actually go out to an Italian on

No Longer a Teen! - 20th Birthday Haul!

So last Thursday was my 20th birthday! I actually can't believe I'm no longer a teenager. I never feel like a birthday makes me feel that much older but going from saying that I'm 19 to saying that I'm 20 year old is so crazy to me! It really does make you sound so much's kind of freaky. To see how I celebrated click here for pictures or watch the vlog here !  I was planning on wearing one of my new dresses from the Sprinkle of Glitter collection but I ended up wearing a simple outfit from Dorothy Perkins jeggings, top and flip flop combo with my second day curls.  As I'm getting older now - unfortunately - you get less and less presents but also more expensive ones. I did get a fair amount of money but it's not quite as fun to open! From my mum I got an Anna Saccone Zodiac necklace which you can get on Stilnest. I've followed Anna on Youtube for ages and have wanted a necklace ever since she announced they were to be releas

Baby's First Giggles! (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is some adorable footage of baby Bop (my niece) at 3/4/5/8 months old. I mean it's crazy how much she's grown up since 2013! There's first smiles, to grabbing, to very first giggles (extended cut!). You may have noticed that I am completely addicted and obsessed with my adorable niece and it was even more so when she was itty bitty. I took way more pictures but luckily still got a few clips in her first year of life. Including her very first giggles ever! I'm sorry for all the pictures I just couldn't pick, just 1. And it was 9 months worth...