"For The Dreamers" May Birchbox: Unboxing and Review

So this May 2016 Birchbox review is a little later than usual but I've been busy revising and as I didn't like the design of the last box I cancelled my subscription so when I repurchased it, it took a little while longer to arrive. 

I loved the design of this box but unfortunately it came with a special competition to win a holiday. It was a nice idea but it meant that the entire top of the lid was covered in a scratch layer to keep it hidden. In the process of scratching it, my box got ruined! Not only that but it also took forever and made a complete mess. Such a shame because it is a gorgeous design otherwise. 
I lot of people have scratched in different designs but I just wanted it to be even so scratched it all off.

Opening the package, I could already tell that the box was completely packed! The box didn't close and unfortunately the lid was bent due to the fact it had been squished to try and get it to close. But once opened, the products did seem good size and variety.

Of course, the guaranteed product this month was Birchbox's very own beauty blender. I got to pink the colour between pink and purple and of course I chose purple! I've been wanting a beauty blender since they very first came out. I think that they are such a useful tool because they can be used for so many things. It's basically the tool you can use for everything: foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and blush! I can't wait to try this out for real but first impression wise: it's small, way smaller than the average beauty blender and it's very firm. Unfortunately, this means that it was too stiff to give a flawless application but it will wear well.
Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge (Lilac) - £4.99

I don't usually use make-up remover or wipes and I just use my beauty eraser which is basically a very soft flannel and my cleanser. Click here to see my night time routine. I think it's mainly because I'm lazy and cheap so I can't be bothered but it's also because it scares me when I see how much make-up I actually wear on the cloth. It looks like so much! I get so paranoid that it looks like I cake it upon myself; everyone always tells me it doesn't look like I wear any but surely they're just trying to make me feel better! ;)

I will say this. These are some of the best I have ever used. These wipes are much thicker than other make-up wipes I have used and feel much more luxurious. They are very soft on the skin and very gentle; they have a beautiful citrus smell which is both calming and refreshing. The sample size is great! They give you a good opportunity to try them out for real. Importantly, they do not take off stubborn eye make-up and it takes a lot of rubbing to get off, ending up with very sore eyes. I would recommend this if you only wear foundation but not for heavy make-up.

In regards to it's promise of brightening and firming the skin, I don't see any difference.

I love this! I have acne scars all over my face especially my cheeks and they have been there for years so I don't think this will move them at all but, I did scratch myself pretty badly on a tin so I used it on there and it seemed to make it heal a lot quicker and smoother. It's not super moisturising but it is light and cooling. I can see this being the perfect after sun product. Even though the real product comes in a very different container, I loved this little tin and it would be perfect for daily use and short travel trips. Surprisingly, it fits quite a lot in! 

Simply put: it smells nice, tames frizz a little, don't think it adds much to my naturally straight hair and I defintely wouldn't spend so much on a product that didn't work miracles. 

I didn't think highly of these at all when I got these. They seemed very complicated to apply but are actually super easy if you just use common sense rather than the difficult and unclear instructions. personally, I don't think they made much difference to the speed of my spots going. I did take pictures of a spot I had, before and after using this, but upon reflection, I decided that that was just way too gross! I'll spare everyone the images. They are rather big for small spots but they do make them look less red and angry. I don't think they would be ideal for wearing under make-up because honestly, they are plastic so make-up would just wipe off of them.
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Stickers - £22.00

Again, I'm not one to wear mascara yet Birchbox keep giving it to me. I have to say though that this mascara is a good one, especially for beginners. It's black but it's not super thick so it feel very light. The wand is curved giving a very nice curl to the eyelash, but making it easy to apply. It is pretty easy to apply and it gives natural looking black lashes bbut not if you want big, long and thick lashes. For me it's the perfect go-between from wearing no mascara to earing some. 

Overall, the box is gorgeous and the selection of products this month included a large variety. I'm a little disappointed that I keep getting similar products that are very repetitive with not much variation, especially with mascara and wipes again, but I loved the beauty blender and the competition opportunity keeps it exciting!

If you would look to try out the Birchbox, click and get £5 worth of points back to spend in the Birchbox shop! :)