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Canvas Review!

I few months ago, back in October , I partnered with a photography product company to design the prettiest photo book. Thanks to Saal Digital , I have now given my mother and her new husband a gorgeous wedding gift .  I actually don't know if I ever shared any of the professional photographs on here but there were so many as they didn't edit any of them. I took a whole afternoon to go through them all and picked one of my favourites, to then be blown up for what they call a Wall Decor. There are so many different finishes and of course I went for a Canvas. But you can also choose from one of the following and Saal Digital have all the details of the variants on their site. Alu-Dibond Acrylic glass Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish PVC foamboard GalleryPrint Photo Canvas Floating Frame Like I said, I chose the Photo Canvas with a Matte  There's now 3 methods to design your own product: The website itself - simple and easy to use The programme - downloadable

Black Friday Haul!

I never normally treat myself to gifts in Black Friday sales but this year there was a few bits and bobs I desperately wanted and I just couldn't say no to the prices.  First up is the most incredible board game I have ever played: Rummikub ! I was introduced to this game back in March by a couple of my flatmates. Since then, we've played it so many times as a flat and it's highly addictive. Not only is it fun but it's also all about patterns which gets the brain thinking.  I finally bought some Bluetooth speakers . It's been a desperate need of the house for a while and we've been borrowing my neighbours in the meantime. I have two iPod speakers but neither of them is wireless and they are both the 30-pin connection so this one will be much more useful for listening in the house downstairs.  As you know, I'm currently a student midwife and the long shifts at the hospital really take it out of my feet. I thought I'd get this Massage Roller

Betws Y Coed, Lake Cole Mere and A Busy Travel Day!

My Welsh Mini Break continued with a return to my childhood home in Betws Y Coed and then we went on a lake walk around Lake Cole Mere.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below. My second childhood home was a little village in Wales called Betws Y Coed and while I still haven't got the Welsh pronunciation down, it's always held so many great memories. My dad used to own a little cottage nearby and now it's owned by my uncle. We took my dad's girlfriend's father for a visit and ended up walking around the lake, visiting the river and waterfalls, then visiting my dad's favourite little bakery. It has everything from savoury food for lunch and sweet treats for snacks or desserts.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love the autumn leaves. The colours are so pretty and my dad thoroughly enjoyed all the scenery. I defintely take after my dad when it comes to photography but it's slightly different to my dad's preference. Whi

Melissa and Joey: TV Show (Review)

Melissa & Joey! What an absolutely amazing show.  Normally for television shows I do a review of a season that's just finished but not today. I came across Melissa & Joey just last month and instantly became obsessed. With the remake of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I was reminded of how much I adore Melissa Joan Hart and so I decided to look her up. That's where I came across her in this incredibly funny sitcom.  Mel is a politician who becomes the sole carer for her niece and nephew. Due to her high profile and busy job, she hires a nanny to look after the kids. Joey has just had another failed job and pretends to be a nanny. Together the four of them end of living together and becoming a family and four seasons later, they couldn't imagine it any other way. This show is so funny and the short 20 minute episodes are the perfect length. It's really easy to fit in an episode here and there and they are highly addictive. They're cute and simple, lig

Goody Bag Unboxing and Review!

I recently did a collaboration with The Curve Fashion Festival . As I unfortunately couldn't attend the event this year, they very kindly sent me a goody bag full of makeup goodies.  First up was a perfume sample that smells honestly amazing. I then got a brow powder/gel. Amazingly, this is actually a perfect match for my brows and I can't wait to give it a proper go. You can never have enough makeup brushed and this is a lovely one with gorgeous marble detail. It's perfect for applying my blush! I can't work out what the actual brand for these false lashes are but with 2 types, I can't wait to try on my first falsies. Which look do you prefer? This bundle is the cutest! Finally, three different shades of body glitter. You can use this as a highlight or eye shadow, but I'm sure it will take me a little while to figure out how to get them to stay and last all day.

Fireworks, Mini Golf and Nature Bird Watching in Wales!

I had a fun week with Bonfire Night, shooting and an archery social, before heading down to Wales to see my dad. Click here to watch the vlog or see below. After driving back to Nottingham from Yorkshire, I was absolutely shattered. The next day was the real Bonfire Night and despite celebrating with family a couple days earlier I still went out with the girls to enjoy actual Bonfire Night at the Nottingham Forest Recreation Grounds. It was probably one of the worst fireworks shows I've seen in a long time. It was really quite rubbish with minimal fireworks and a massive overcrowding issue. It was a bit disastrous as we didn't even stay for more than an hour...given the fact it was a 30 minute walk each way, it was a little frustrating to say the least. It was my last week of first year in my community placement and one of the midwife's showed me there tea pot. Now, to most non-midwives it probably looks absolutely crazy and ridiculous but it's amazing: a