Canvas Review!

I few months ago, back in October, I partnered with a photography product company to design the prettiest photo book. Thanks to Saal Digital, I have now given my mother and her new husband a gorgeous wedding gift
I actually don't know if I ever shared any of the professional photographs on here but there were so many as they didn't edit any of them. I took a whole afternoon to go through them all and picked one of my favourites, to then be blown up for what they call a Wall Decor.

There are so many different finishes and of course I went for a Canvas. But you can also choose from one of the following and Saal Digital have all the details of the variants on their site.
  • Alu-Dibond
  • Acrylic glass
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish
  • PVC foamboard
  • GalleryPrint
  • Photo Canvas
  • Floating Frame
Like I said, I chose the Photo Canvas with a Matte 

There's now 3 methods to design your own product:
  1. The website itself - simple and easy to use
  2. The programme - downloadable for free from the website and allows much more complex details to the design
  3. The app - mobile friendly and perfect for when on the go or in a rush
This time, I went straight for the website itself and found it so easy. I managed to upload the photograph and change the photo centre by zooming in the cut out the background excess. Then I chose my options: glossy finish, photo over the edges of the canvas ect. 
Overall, everyone absolutely loves the finished product and it was super easy to design and order. Can't wait for my next Saal Digital product. 


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