Fireworks, Mini Golf and Nature Bird Watching in Wales!

I had a fun week with Bonfire Night, shooting and an archery social, before heading down to Wales to see my dad.

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After driving back to Nottingham from Yorkshire, I was absolutely shattered. The next day was the real Bonfire Night and despite celebrating with family a couple days earlier I still went out with the girls to enjoy actual Bonfire Night at the Nottingham Forest Recreation Grounds.
It was probably one of the worst fireworks shows I've seen in a long time. It was really quite rubbish with minimal fireworks and a massive overcrowding issue. It was a bit disastrous as we didn't even stay for more than an hour...given the fact it was a 30 minute walk each way, it was a little frustrating to say the least.
It was my last week of first year in my community placement and one of the midwife's showed me there tea pot. Now, to most non-midwives it probably looks absolutely crazy and ridiculous but it's amazing: a nipple, breasts for breast feeding, a pinnard for fetal auscultation, a heart, a uterus and sperm. Isn't is perfect!
I'd missed all the weekend archery sessions and I was going to miss all the weekend sessions again the next weekend so instead I headed to archery on Wednesday, after a long shift. I impressively got my first 10 using the sight and shooting recurve, rather than barebow which is my preferred bow type.
The next day, on Thursday, was the archery social. We went to mini golf which was so much fun! I got far too competitive and much to everyone's disagreement, I won out of our little, I was the only one who didn't cheat. I've always been a stickler for the rules. Unfortunately, as I was on placement the next day, I couldn't stay at the drinks portion of the night for long but I enjoyed it while it lasted.
Finally it was the weekend again! This time, my mentor let me leave just a little early and I got on the road to Wales quickly and managed to arrive in perfect time for tea.

On Saturday we headed to Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfalls. I've already been before but as my dad's girlfriend's father and son was also there, we had to pick activities to suit them as well. It's super pretty so I didn't mind too much. It's Wales' highest waterfall and nestles in the Berwyn Mountains.
While the other's remained at the waterfalls, I walked around the side and loved looking at all the trees and the fallen leaves. It looked so autumn-y! I even found a tree that was barely hanging on. It had been completely uprooted and the only thing stopping it from falling down were the other trees supporting it up like crutches.
I loved wearing my newest Dorothy Perkins jumper, hat and my new favourite LipSense colour: Rose All Day!
To end the week, we headed to Lake Vyrnwy. Again, I visited last time I came with dad but this time, the colours of the trees were even more gorgeous! We walked around the Welsh Sculpture Park and I managed to spot a couple of different sculptures and then across the bridge to see the tower and castle in the distance.

Such a busy but fun week! The only day I didn't do anything was Tuesday... I'm thinking I just got some much needed sleep.