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Leeds Clothing Haul and Movie Night!

So after an early morning star with a driving lesson and the worst night's sleep (for some reason I kept waking up shivering), mum, Jess, her boyfriend and me went to Leeds to go shopping. To be honest, it's as close as Trinity Walk Wakefield because we live right in the middle of both so either or is easy. Mini Clothing Haul: It was a really long and tiring day but it was relatively successful - for me! I had vouchers for Victoria Secret PINK! and Accessorize but unfortunately I didn't find anything I loved in Accessorize. Pink: A beautiful thin, almost linen-like material, hoodie. It has a peekaboo back which I think looks stunning and will be perfect to wear to the beach. LUSH: I've really wanted a mask since I've watched a few YouTuber's give reviews and so when my favourite (sounding) mask was on special offer I decided to treat myself to 'Mask of Magnaminty'. A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredi

NutriBullet: Easy, Tasty, Healthy NutriBlasts

I don't know if anyone caught my last NutriBullet blog post but I have to say, although it was still edible, it wasn't enjoyable. I tried to fit everything into it possible to have lots of nutrients but this week I've learnt the simpler the better. It tastes so much better with just a few ingredients rather than anything and everything. They smell amazing and taste so much better. Of course, the fruit ones taste a little better but the vegetable ones are still nice. I love a lot of fruit but I hate the taste of vegetables, which is the main reason I got the NutriBullet. I know I need to eat more to be healthier. Before, I only ate raw carrots and everything else was a no-go. Fruit, I tend to love: cucumber, apples, grapes, melon, bananas. Other fruit I like the smell and flavouring of but hate the texture, like mango, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I think this is a great way to eat more of those types of food. I think a lot of the recipes are trial and erro

NutriBlast Number 1

For my birthday, from dad, I got a NutriBullet. Today I tried my first drink, a 'NutriBlast'. I hate vegetables and rarely have any - the odd raw carrot. I think it's going to take a while to get the amounts of each produce just right but the first one wasn't terrible. I won't say it was nice, but it wasn't completely distasteful. I had a green juice and in it was: Spinach  Cucumber A banana  Strawberries Blueberries Grapes  Rasberries Apple A handful on pumpkin seeds  Water  I swear it tastes better than it looks! I managed half for breakfast; I think I made a little too much to be honest!

Meet My Dogs :)

Since mum went on holiday I've been walking the dogs for an hour a day. They are so funny and have such big personalities so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to them! :) The dogs were gifted to me on my 12th birthday as they were born 3 weeks before my birthday. They were from a friend (my dad's ex girlfriend) so we saw them being born. We have literally been a part of their lives since day 0. Another friend brought their brother so there's three we still see often. Holly: My original baby, the runt of the litter. Well behaved, good listener and appreciative. She is still the smaller the sisters. Tilly: The 'extra' dog we came home with on the day we went to pick them up :') She's chunky and was my sisters. Completely loveable, loves hugs, attention, licking people and cuddles. How to tell them apart? Holly has the square nose whereas Tilly's is so much longer. Tilly is wider and bigger in general and of course she runs up and

Top 8 Pet Peeves

Pet Peeve:  something that a particular person finds especially annoying.  1. Smoking. The smell, the taste, the atmosphere... 2. Nail filing. The sound drives me crazy! 3. When people say more than 100% numbers. No. That is impossible! Someone recently text me '110%' but I didn't want to be completely rude so I replied with 'Well that would be impossible'. Hopefully he gets the hint ;) 4. People who tell the same story again...and again...and AGAIN! 5. People who cancel plans last minute. Why waste my time?! 6. Cheats. In all sense of the word but mainly relationships. 7. Push overs: people who don't stick up for themselves and let others walk all over them. 8. Indecisive people who can't make up their minds. If I ask where you want to go, I know where I want to go already but I don't want you to hate my decision and seem cont rolling.