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September Round Up

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older or just that I'm so busy, but I feel like time is literally flying by. It's already the end of September and I'm just not quite sure I'm ready for the month to be over.  Book : I've just started reading "The Prison Doctor: Women Inside" by Dr Amanda Brown. I read the first book by her a few years ago and have been waiting to read this one for the last few years. I think it will be interesting to read about it because my focus is on women's health, plus I'm sure there will be some childbirth stories as well.  Film : I haven't watched too many films this month, I can only remember watching Cinderella and I loved it. It was defintely a little different but fun and I liked the musical perspective.  TV Show : We finally finished Homeland and the last season was incredible. I also watched the second series of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and my partner and I finally got around to watching Loki.

Graduation Proof!

I may have finished university months ago, and had my graduation a few weeks ago but the certificates have just arrived and so I finally have proof that I graduated. How fun! In the package there was a few items, one talking about the qualification hierarchy and another discussing ongoing UoN support.  They also promised an in-person graduation in the future which was quite nice, I just hope it goes ahead!  Of course, there is also the certificate. I can't wait to frame it and put in on the wall in my office! 

Blackpool Pier, Hadrian's Wall and Carlisle City!

With no holiday for the past two years, Luke and I booked a little Staycation! Here's part 1 of the trip.  Click here for the vlog or watch below. The sun was shining on our drive down to Garthside Farm. We stopped off at Blackpool first to enjoy the beach, but sadly the tide was way in so instead we paddled on the steps. It was my first time there and if I'm honest, it was much nicer than I expected.  We then drove to the Lake District. We walked to Aira Fall Waterfall, which again was a little disappointing. It's suppose to be the nicest in the area but with the dry weather and lack of rain it was a little dry. Also, there had been some damage to the walkway recently so we couldn't actually walk very far or close to it. We got to view it from a little platform but once the new work has been completed, I can imagine it really will be gorgeous. The walk was just before stopping for a late lunch on an almost private beach at Ullswater Lake. A little duck friend did join

Bathbox: A Bath Bomb Subscription Box (Review)

Are you a both or a shower person? I prefer showers but I do like the occasional bath for those extra special relaxation moments.  Bathbox is a relatively new subscription box which provides a monthly supply of 5 bath related items, from either bombs, soaps and salts. The company's aim is to offer affordable options to high-street stores. The subscription box costs just £9.99 per month, for 5 or more full size items. They are a surprise which is the best part! If you order before the 15th of the month, the box will be with you before the 25th, otherwise it will be dispatched the following month for a lovely special mid-month present to yourself.  I personally love that all the items are handmade in the UK, animal cruelty free and fresh every month. They have also just launched a brand new plastic free option. I had already recieved my box, prior to this launch, but if chosen, you will get the same amazing products, but without plastic wrap. Instead, they come naked and use shredded

In the Style Clothing Haul: Stacey Solomon, Jac Jossa and Anna Saccone

It's another In the Style clothing haul today and I absolutely love it. I have easily purchased some of my favourite items for a long time in this group of clothes, most of which I have already worn which you will be seeing in the vlogs over the next few weeks!  First up is this gorgeous sage green top from the Jac Jossa collection. I love the colour and the fit. I really like tops that are a little longer and the ripple effect at the bottom hides my insecurities. You can also pick the neckline as there are ties at the shoulder to allow you to adjust the look slightly.  Another similar top, is this white tie top . I bought this one for more of evening look. I actually found the neckline a little too revealing for myself personally, but I wore it backwards afterwards and loved it!  A top that isn't my usual style is this floral smock top by Stacey Solomon. I don't love floral patterns personally, but I loved the style of this and think it fits really well. Again it's lo