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Ellie Goulding Concert! (YouTube) / SECRET SHOW STORIES

On Thursday 24th March, I went to the London O2 Arena to see Ellie Goulding in concert. I saw her back in December at the Jingle Bell Ball and was really impressed with her performance so I was super excited! Click through to see my videos of the concert or head over to my YouTube channel at 'hansla1000'. 
The first opening act was Lany. I'd never heard of the band before but they were seriously amazing; I have been listening to them on repeat since the show. The only downside is that they don't have a lot of stage presence mainly because the lead singer has his long hair in front of his face the majority of the time. But maybe that's the mystery... Click here to watch on YouTube.

Next up was John Newman. I know a lot of people who are fans of his but I'd never heard of him. Clearly, it was just his name I hadn't heard of because after listening, I realised I knew almost all his songs! His dance moves are very repetitive and he sweats (a lot!) but he has a…

Take Me To Rainbowland! (YouTube)

I love my niece to the moon and back and so I loved getting to pick her up from nursery a while a go. My camera and phone both died before I arrived but I ended up vlogging a little bit after I had picked her up and taken her shopping. 
We went to the park, played some games, did some singing, had bathtime and then read some books! Click here to watch a cute three year old sing!

5 Concerts I Want to See!

I had a late start to life in regards to watching live concerts but since then, I have been lucky enough to be able to go to a number of concerts and I have loved them all. Click here to see Monday's post on who I have already seen and Wednesday's post of whom I will be seeing soon!

But there are still so many that I want to see! Here are the top 5 people on my bucket list:

Hilary Duff: Hilary had been my number one idol since before I can remember. I have been obsessed with her since the days of Hilary Duff and was so excited when she started her music career following the success of the movie. Although she is now focussing on being an actress and mother, she has recently released another album called 'Breathe In. Breather Out.' which I fell completely in love. So while I think it's unlikely she'll be doing concerts in the UK, I'm still hopeful! Fingers crossed.
Taylor Swift: So many hits, so many albums, so many tunes... I don't think Taylor Swift can d…

Future Concerts Scheduled!

Click here to see Monday's post on concerts I have already been to!
The next few weeks are going to be almost solid revision weeks and with most of my friends also cramming I'll hardly be leaving my room. Luckily, some concerts decided to fall at roughly the same times and so as it turns out, I have number of concerts that will fill in the blanks. 
Here are a list of concerts and live music currently scheduled!
John Newman and Ellie Goulding: I have actually now seen her, but at the time of buying the tickets, I didn't know that she was going to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball so it looks like I'm going to get double the dose. Connor Maynard, The Tide and The Vamps: Again, I have seen these before just a year ago but this year the price was so cheap and the seats too good to miss the opportunity.  Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele: I've loved them since One Tree Hill and can't wait for the private sound check and meet and greet! Justin Bieber: But not until October! Have …

Concerts I've Seen!

This week's theme is going to be music and concerts. I had a late start to life in regards to watching live concerts but since then, I have been lucky enough to be able to go to a number of concerts and I have loved them all.

Today I'm going to go through all the people I've seen live and the concerts I've loved! Luckily, since social media has kicked off I've started recording a lot more via diaries, blog posts and vlogs. Click on the links to see video clips :)
Dizzee RascalJedwardAlexandra BurkeProfessor GreenGabriella CilmiTinchy StryderAlesha DixonThe HoosiersThe SaturdaysPixie LottScouting for GirlsThe Script: My favourite band of all time. I've officially seen them 3 times and I've loved them everytime. 
Kaiser Chiefs: When I went to Silverstone for the 2014 British GP, I won tickets to see them on the Thursday. Surprisingly amazing!Luke Friend: Loved since the X-factor days especially 'Hole In My Heart', I'm just waiting for him to release…

Daddy's Home (Review)

Click here to watch the trailer.

The difference between a father (someone who produces a child) and a dad (someone who actually nurtures a child) is the key message here.

Although Brad desperately wants to be the latter, it would take a medical miracle for him ever to be the former, due to an accident involving a dental X-ray machine. He’s delighted to take on the role of step-dad to Dylan and Megan, and although initially skeptical, he slowly wins them over.

Everything is seemingly getting to be perfect for Brad - a job at a smooth jazz station, loving wife, step-dad to two kids - until in swaggers Dusty, the biological father and a super-masculine silverback intent on reclaiming his offspring. He has been out of the picture for years but when he discovers Brad is now part of the picture after a phone call, he races back to be with his kids and prove he is the better dad.

Brad is initially unfazed and just flattered. He is glad the kids have their dad back but when he understands he …

Kung Fu Panda 3 (Review)

Click here to watch the trailer for the third movie in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

Watching two movies on opening weekend is extremely rare for me but this one was more for my child who I look after through a volunteering scheme.

Having earned the title of Dragon Warrior, Po is loving being the centre of attention in the village and is letting the power go to his head. When he is suddenly pushed into a mentor role by Master Shifu, who wishes to quit his teaching post and sit in a cave for thirty years in order to master the mystical powers of chi, Po, makes mistake after mistake and it seems these new responsibilities are too much. In a humorous slapstick sequence we see all the other warriors get hurt and fall.
After his long-lost father enters, Li and Po get on like a house on fire. Li’s carefree attitude towards everything is the perfect distraction for Po, and the two share a variety of heart-warming moments as Po shirks his newfound responsibilities in favour of showing his newf…

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Review)

The third movie in The Divergent Series was released in the UK last Thursday, ahead of the US Premiere. The films are based off the Divergent book trilogy but they have split the third book into 2 movies titled Allegiant and Ascendent.

Click here to watch the trailer.
The last film ends with Tris opening the message left by the founders and broadcasting it to the city of Chicago. It closes on a scene of the entire population running at the gates that barricade the city in.

This film opens with the same scene and the message being played again, only it continues. Cars come in and the gates close preventing citizens escaping thanks to the new leader, Evelyn Johnson-Eaton, deciding it isn't safe out there.

With the breakdown of the factions, it's assumed the ex-faction leaders will still rule but all does not go to Evelyn's plan. She ends up taking over the power spot Jeanine just departed. After watching from the sidelines during trials, Tris decides there must be something …