Daddy's Home (Review)

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The difference between a father (someone who produces a child) and a dad (someone who actually nurtures a child) is the key message here.

Although Brad desperately wants to be the latter, it would take a medical miracle for him ever to be the former, due to an accident involving a dental X-ray machine. He’s delighted to take on the role of step-dad to Dylan and Megan, and although initially skeptical, he slowly wins them over.

Everything is seemingly getting to be perfect for Brad - a job at a smooth jazz station, loving wife, step-dad to two kids - until in swaggers Dusty, the biological father and a super-masculine silverback intent on reclaiming his offspring. He has been out of the picture for years but when he discovers Brad is now part of the picture after a phone call, he races back to be with his kids and prove he is the better dad.

Brad is initially unfazed and just flattered. He is glad the kids have their dad back but when he understands he is being threatened, he starts to fight back to try and prove himself.

From there a slapstick comedy sketch which extends to last the whole movie. Dusty attempts to undermine and embarrass Brad at every turn, and Brad’s behavior grows increasingly erratic to try and prove himself to be better. For example, Brad loses control of Dusty’s motorcycle and drives into the house; Brad loses control of a skateboard and flies into a power line; Brad pays a fortune for basketball tickets only for Dusty to have access to better seats... basically Brad ends out worse every time. Especially at the fertility clinic, my favourite scene!

When Brad is forced out of his home, Dusty is left to become a full-time dad and take on all the parental responsibilities. Only to realise it is harder than it looks and he bails. It's left to Brad to convince him to go back and step up to the plate.

The climax is when Dylan's bully turns up and instead of fighting, Dusty takes Brad's advice and dances it out. Ending with reconciliation at a daddy-daughter dance, the whole dance begins to sense the relief from everything building.

I loved this film. It wasn't anything special that you need to go to the cinema to see but it was a laidback, easy going comedy, to watch lying in bed.