Switched to Smart Meters with British Gas

When I moved into the house and realised that the electricity meter was a pay as you go, I wanted to have it changed to a direct debit payment straight away. Unfortunately, the process wasn't as easy as I had initially anticipated. I first had to wait 2 weeks for it to be approved by British Gas. Then I was told it first needed to be switched to a Smart Meter first, but that I couldn't have the meter moved once it was a Smart Meter, so I had to wait for the work to be done on the move first. Once that was moved, only then could it be switched. Getting the appointment was an absolute nightmare, as I had 2 cancelled for different reasons and then had to wait almost another month to reschedule.. When the British Gas engineer came over, it was raining and he hadn't been told it had been moved outside so at first he said it was too unsafe to complete the work. Fortunately, it was only drizzling to it was successfully completed. I'm surprised at the size of the electricity Sm

It’s Christmas, Hello December

I can't quite believe it's the last month of the year. This year has been full of ups and downs, but I promise, December is going to be the month for me. I want it to be filled with peace and joy and focus on family. I have so many plans and incredibly, all my December off duty requests were approved, which makes me so excited for the Christmas season.  This week I have a couple of night shifts left and then I am heading to my mum's for the first Christmas celebrations. We have a family buffet planned at her house on Sunday and it will be nice to catch up with everyone. It will also be the first time my grandma meets her first great grandchild which will be so cute. I can't wait for hopefully some more baby snuggles, but I'm sure everyone will want a squeeze too.  The week after I have my first two day shifts in over a month, which feels quite odd, but I'm grateful that I will hopefully be able to regulate sleep a little better. On Friday, I'm heading to Her

Opening Up to Love Again

If you’d have told me 3 months ago , I would be where I am today, I would have laughed in your face. 3 months ago, I was utterly heartbroken and didn’t know how I was going to continue living in a world where “Luke and Hannah” didn’t exist anymore. I sobbed most nights, pushed away family and friends and had no motivation to do anything. It of course, didn’t help that buying my first house had been a stressful ordeal in an already emotional time and the life I'd planned for in that home, had disappeared.  I am pleased to say, I’m out the other side, or at least close. Reading a couple of posts I wrote back then now, makes me feel so dramatic and in way, to some it may have been laughable. In reality, that’s exactly where I was in life and I was at a point where it was either going to break me and I was going to let it, or I had to fight like hell to get through it.  I booked an appointment at my GP and ended up seeing a mental health nurse specialist. I think I was already probabl

Demolition, Progress and Nightmare Plumber Situation

With the electrics being almost completed, my dad and his girlfriend came over for a weekend to help with some renovations and demolition. We completely ripped out the old wall units and cupboard in the corner, removed the wall panelling around the outside and took up half the flooring, which will be having tiling going down for the toilet. It definitely looks a little like a building site right now.  We also added some beading around the fireplace. I honestly don't love it because it's not perfectly cut and painted, but it means there isn't a huge gap anymore. Sadly, there is a lot of damage from glue getting on the wall that I can't get off. I did end up later adding beading to the inner border of the fireplace as well, which I am now happier with.  We also finished the work, by adding skirting board around either side of the fireplace. One side looked a mess as had plaster on show that was uneven and not painted. The other had none and looked fine, just wasn't sy

Sorting the Electrics in the House

Continuing with the utility room project, once the meters and supply for the electricity was moved outside. I was left without any electricity. I arranged for an electrician to come in shortly after the work was completed, to reconnect the supply. When he came to quote, I said that that was the priority but if able to complete other work on the same, I also needed and wanted that to be completed.  In the utility room, I wanted my RCD board updating to a modern one, as the one I had was ancient, moving out of the cupboard. I also wanted the single drop light, switching to 5 spotlight lights. I had considered switching them to two separate power sources for what will eventually be the downstairs toilet and utility room, but decided it wouldn't make much difference overall and added quite a significant amount of additional work. I also got a plug socket moved, a plug socket replacing, the power supple to the boiler moving and additional wires removed in both my hallway and for an old,

My New iPhone 13 Mini and Best Screen Protector

I've shared a lot of house posts over the last few months and they're slowly coming to an end as jobs have almost been finished, but I feel like I've lost a passion to write about anything else. I did get a new phone a few weeks before the iPhone 14 was released and I wanted to share a couple of products I've bought because of that, that I have fell in love with.  Previously, I had an iPhone 7 and so it was getting quite old and dated, and that was a second hand phone from my dad already that I got when it was a year old. I decided to buy the iPhone 13 over the 14 because it was much smaller in size, yet the camera quality was great, which was a huge priority for me. I also got it for a lot cheaper. Had I had realised the later model was coming out, I probably would have waited a few weeks so that I could have got it for cheaper but other than that, I was really happy.  I ordered through EE and used my Student Discount to get it at a cheaper rate, although I also have m

Bonfire Night, Baby Day and Feeling Emotional!

It was a bit of an emotional week between welcoming a new baby and realising the reality of adulthood. I also headed back to Wakefield to celebrate Bonfire Night too.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I went back to my childhood home to see my mum. I haven't been back for over a month because more recently, family had been coming to see me in Nottingham instead. We had a chilled couple days before taking the dogs for a walk one morning. They were both fascinated with the birds. Lots of snuggles on the couch and I finally started catching up on the last two years of Grey's Anatomy and Station 19.  For Bonfire Night, we ended up staying in and actually celebrated with a Bonfire at the farm the next day. Grandma and the family played dominoes, before we headed out. There was food trucks, a bar, a bonfire and lots of fireworks. It ended up being a really lovely evening.  I remained on call for my cousin and her going into labour. Whilst I waited, I did some uni work base