Ripping my Face Off!

I didn't really do much this week hence the short vlog. Honestly, I was more so preparing for my 2 weeks away. Right now, as this goes live, I am currently in America for the first time in my life. I can't wait to show you all the vlogs and talk all about it in the vlogs but for this week, it was somewhat stressful, somewhat relaxing and somewhat boring!

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After spending the entirety of Monday at a family funeral, I then had one day to study, learn and revise everything needed to pass the driving theory test. I had literally 24 hours! Quite honestly, I was a little stressed. Even though I'd passed it first time round 4 years ago, I revised for 2 weeks straight that time. Nevertheless, I happily passed and passed well. I flagged 4 of the multiple choice questions and was stuck on them for a good 20 minutes. I was blank on all of them and ended up getting 4 wrong so I can only assume it was them.

I spent the majority of my week at hom…

Importance of Family Time

After being away at university for the past three years, it's defintely different being back in my family, childhood home, where I grew up. University can be somewhat isolating. With flatmates and housemates coming and going, it can be difficult to find time when you're all free and available. For example, something as simple as all eating together, at the same time, can be impossible.

The past few months have been really wonderful. Not only have I seen more of my mum but we've also spent a lot more quality family time together and I really do think it is incredibly important to make the effort.

We've eaten meals together and watch the soaps we love together - Neighbours and Home and Away anyone? Plus, we've made it almost a tradition to go out at least once a week for a meal with just the two of us. It's been really nice and I honestly appreciate it. Even talking about our day, watching TV together and going to the gym, has been a lovely change.
A recent survey…

How to: Pass your Driving Theory Test in a Day!

I've recently just redone my driving theory test. I took my first one over 4 years ago and passed first time. Unfortunately, I didn't pass my driving practical test within that time limit which meant I had to redo my theory test. While I'm finally learning how to drive again so it was about time!
The first time around I took it in the long summer holidays after my 17th birthday and revised for it, for 2 weeks straight. This time around, I booked it very last minute and the only test slot available before the end of December was 3 days later...and I knew I wasn't going to be free until the day before. I had one day to learn everything again! I was defintely stressed.

Never the less, I passed and I passed well.

The theory examination is split into 2 areas. The 50 multiple choice questions and the 14 hazard perception videos. You have to score at least 43 and 44 on each section to pass.

For the multiple choice questions section I would simply recommend buying 2 books: DVS…

What am I Doing Now?

So it's been a little while since I actually wrote a personal life update. I've had some going live for the past few Friday's but I actually wrote them, why back in August! I wasn't sure when I was going to feel comfortable releasing them but I also wanted them to be shared.

Anyway, I've been obviously out of university for almost 2 months so what exactly have I been doing?!

According to some that would be nothing but I've been staying busy. Perhaps, not doing a job or studying as some would want me to be doing, despite my efforts. I applied to a number of jobs back in July but after finding out I was heading back to university in January and staying in London until mid-September, that only left 3 months of work. After discussing it with my two employment opportunities, they decided they basically didn't want to waste the time training me with minimal benefits. So I didn't get a job. I probably could have looked harder but I also really enjoyed the down…

What SheerSense has done for me?

SheerSense, the company I work for as an Independent Distributor of SheerSense recently asked us what SheerSense has done for us since joining. Honestly, I didn't originally film one because I didn't particularly think what I thought would change anything as there were so many more distributors who had already done it or had been there longer.
Well anyway, SheerSense reached out and requested some additional ones that were shorter for their Roadshow events. I was so overjoyed and thankful when they asked me. It's crazy how much they appreciate us all as individual distributors.

I first created it but then for SheerSense's Roadshow tour they wanted a version that was less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Well, it was almost 15 minutes long so I basically filmed it again and summarised all my points. On my personal channel I've uploaded a mini version of "What SheerSense has done for me", but I thought I would share the full version as well, so be sure to go and s…

My Overnight Must Haves!

My night time routine hasn't changed a whole lot since I posted it over 2 years ago so instead of doing a slightly updated one, I thought I would share my overnight must have items instead. Since starting university, I've defintely travelled a lot. Coming home and visiting friends across the UK has meant I have become quite a light packer. Compared to when I used to go to my father's house for the weekend, I now fit everything in a hand luggage sized suitcase instead of a full sized one.

Okay...perhaps I'm not the lightest traveller but I've defintely reduced and downsized dramatically.

First of all, I don't leave the house without makeup on and I always make sure to take it off every single night. I think it's incredible important to take care of your skin. Especially as I suffer with really bad acne, it needs to kept clean to be clear. I love the my makeup eraser because all you need is water, meaning you travel very light. Plus, it's really soft whic…

Recorked UK: Recycling Corks

Recorked UK was a company that I recently came across on Twitter and I feel like I have to share their site. They are the UK’s leading natural wine cork recycling program. I personally think that is such a great idea! Especially in my family (I'm personally tea-total), we go through a lot of wine bottles and champagne or prosecco at Christmas time and it's so nice to know that there is an option to recycle them.
The company partners with establishments all over the UK, who join them as collection partners. This can be anything from pubs, bars, hotels, ect. In fact the one closest me is a farm shop! They have a handy map available on their site to see where is your closest drop off location and then you simply donate the corks you no longer have a use for and they resell them to people who want them.

As a growing company, they are actively seeking other locations from around the UK to act as Collection Partners. The process to sign up is simple and more information can be found…