Valentine's Day, New Piercings and Goodbye Wooden Bow!

With time to do self-directed work at university, the days were made busy with social outings! 
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Instant Family (Review)

I couple of week's ago I got the opportunity to head to the UK Premier of Instant Family and fell in love with the film straight away.

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I genuinely absolutely loved the film. It is romantic, and cute, and funny, but most importantly it has a real and unique story behind it.
Instant Family shares the journey of a married couple who have spent their life focusing on there careers. Suddenly, they end up undergoing classes for adoption and fostering and before they know it, they have a full house, full of love but with enormous struggles, which simultaneously excite and challenge them.  It also brings in the childish nature and I love how it draws on the simplicity that fascinates children.  I cried so many times through this movie. I cried tears of joy alongside tears of sadness. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. I couldnt help but have so much empathy for all of them. Their stories are raw and real and honest and deep. It's a story…

Breastfeeding in the Public Eye!

Back when this blog was still a baby, I shared a post on a sign I found in a cafe saying that breast feeding was welcome. I remember feeling happy to see it but shocked that it needed to be said. Why in this modern world do women did to be given permission to breast feed in a public space. The argument has been said so many times but it's true...why can't a baby feed in public when the rest of the society can. It breaks my heart in so many way but I'm so glad to see so many women in a position of power and influence sharing their own journeys of breast feeding and expressing, even in photoshoots! 
Today's post is simply a post on love, support and strength. Thank you. 
Alyssa Milano has always been a big inspiration of mine, ever since the days of Charmed. But I love how not only she uses her position of power to be a great political figure but to show that breast feeding in public is okay. Not only that but it's healthy.
Teresa Palmer has always been very open ab…

Karaoke Session, Bad Blood Test and Cookie Dough Date!

A busy week of university and down time, with archery and singing! 
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My life has become filled with archery and I'm loving every second of it! I'm finally beginning to see improvement and it feels like it's so worthwhile now. I've been getting more and more consistent and while I defintely need to work on my stamina, it's so fun, half the time I don't least deep down!   After a stressful and busy day at university the house bonded in the kitchen, singing along to one of our favourite film series, High School Musical. I have so many decisions to make at the moment. I don't know whether to go for Archery Committee member. I would absolutely love to, genuinely, but I also feel like it might be too much and I don't know if I will be able to do it the justice it deserves which would be a shame. Then again, I know that when I am present, I will give it 100% which is a great quality. It's definitely someth…

Support Study Abroad Post-Brexit!

Recently, the university has brought to my attention the study programmes that involve abroad placements and the issues that may arise after Brexit, especially if there is a No Deal at the time of leaving. As such, there is a push to share this with prescence on social media being a big drive for the government. Support Study Abroad is a petition that's been set up to support this.

1.    Please tweet at Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds @DamianHinds, urging him to commit to continue funding study abroad opportunities for UK students, even if they cannot negotiate continued participation in Erasmus + programme.
2.    Use the hashtag #SupportStudyAbroad from all your professional and, if you wish, personal Twitter accounts
3.    Please include a link to the campaign web page: 

Suggested tweets could include:
@DamianHinds, If we can’t stay in Erasmus+, will the UK government fund a national scheme to enable students to st…

Midwifery Year One: Placements

So year one posts are nearly over! I've shared my year one review and talked about all the different types of assessments, even sharing my grades but today I'm going to talk about the placements.

First up, was community placement. This was a six week long block and I hadn’t a clue what to expect. I ended up really enjoying the whole experience and I had an absolutely incredible mentor who supported me so well throughout. I was very lucky in that respect because she made the experience all the better. I think I was completely oblivious to the whole community midwifery role so I didn’t really know what they did or how it linked into the hospital role that I knew so well. For me, the practice was really interesting to see, especially looking at the big picture of the antenatal and postnatal journey. Although given the current structure of midwifery care the postnatal role is less of a midwife and more of the maternity support workers, but that’s a whole different topic. I got to …

Late Night Shopping Trip, Venue Searching and Homemade Pizza!

Some highlights from January: the most unhealthy shopping trip, venue searching and homemade pizza!

Click here for the vlog or watch below.  I've been spending a lot of time at Archery recently. I love it. I love the sport, and more importantly, I love the people. I wish I'd been able to shoot last year because I defintely would have had a happier time for sure. I think it's all about balance and having a bit of downtime is just so freeing. Even the girls mention it every time I come home; they can see how much happier I am just from having that little bit of space. Plus, I'm finally starting to see progress. I ended up getting quite a few ten's towards the end of the month and despite four ending up on the floor because of the danage (new word for me!) being badly in need of repair, I'm really happy. I'm even ready to buy my own bow!  I had a couple of really hard nights, feeling like the girls are constantly ganging up on me so Bridget invited me over to…