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International Day of the Nurse, Bake Sale Baking and Last Day of Placement!

A week later and it's the IDN, with a Bake Sale for Welfare Week and a surprisingly wonderful last day of placement. Click here for the vlog or see below. Once again, our posters were up on display, but this time in the medical school so there was slightly more foot audience, however there wasn't any chance to actually present so the posters spoke for themselves. Next door, were food stalls and then the NMA had a stall as well, as it was also Welfare Week.  The week after was busy as I spent a lot of time in lectures and then baked for the bake sale on my day off. I love chocolate so was very disappointed to not be able to eat any of them myself! To celebrate I headed to reception to get a free goodie bag that they provided for nurses and midwives. I actually think it's actually such a sweet idea and I was so sad I couldn't attend the evening event with free pizza! My last shift of the placement block this time around was absolutely amazing. I had

International Day of the Midwife, Housemate Day Trip and Parkour!

It's officially IDM and the girls take the vlog on a trip. Click here to watch the vlog or see below. This year the Midwifery Society helped the university organise a Self-Love day for all the Midwifery Students which was free of charge. Being a midwife on the NMA, I really feel like we should get involved and help organise it alongside them but nevertheless, we were never given that opportunity which was a little bit of the shame. Still it was so much fun! Bea and I presented some of our research via initial posters. We got some free skin products and hand creams and then got treated to Salsa dancing, a race against time midwifery style and free Lush hand massages. My favourite part was the self-love messages that everyone wrote and then we each got to take one home. My personal favourite was: Never quit on a bad day. Later that week, I went on a mini golf date and had the best time. I also had my last blood test for my Roaccutane treatment...hopefully! I

Annual Sponsored Point-to-Point, Laughing Too Much and Housemates Day Trip!

Another year, another annual Sponsored Point-to-Point. Plus, so much fun and laughter and my housemates recorded their own day trip!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  For those that don't know what a Point-to-Point is, it's basically a horse race which traditionally used to be between two cathedrals hence between two points. It's been a long time family tradition of mine to go to them and while we use to go to at least one every weekend, it's now been reduced to just the one that we sponsor in memory of my grandfather. It's such a great day out and I always have so much fun. I even have posts from 2016 , 2017 and 2018 ! Despite the weather being gorgeous, unfortunately the races on account of health and safety reasons as the company, with whom the paramedics were booked through, who were suppose to come went bankrupt and as such we couldn't race until then. Nevertheless, it was nice to talk to family and friends while eating a lovely c

Cake in a Mug (Review)

Not a film review this Friday but a quick little review of this Cake in a Mug I got for Christmas !  I got this cute little set from Debenhams in the sale for half price. I loved the winter themed mug, thought the spoon was a cute little extra and felt that a chocolate microwave cake would be the perfect last minute treat when craving something sugary! You needed a small amount of three other ingredients, alongside the cake mixture in the mug. Some milk, an egg and some butter, well mixed in the mixture made for a smooth chocolate batter which I mixed directly into the cup and put it into the microwave. The product was made quickly but I think I overcooked it because it was a little stodgy in all honesty. It was very yummy but very filling and it made a surprisingly large amount, so I couldn't finish it and the next day, it did not taste very nice so got thrown unfortunately. Overall, I thought for the price it was really good but don't expect it to be super tast

International Day of the Midwife 2019!

I'm posting this a little late this year but that's because International Day of the Midwife falls on a Sunday this year so myself, along with the rest of the University of Nottingham are celebrating today! As you're reading this, I will have been at a day long celebration of love and support for midwives, listening to some amazing presentations and presenting my own research presentations as well! So crazy!  I'm sure I'll have recorded some clips throughout the day and taken lots of pictures, so stay tuned for those.  To all the retired midwives, current midwives and future's to you! Thank you. 

Easter Weekend 2019!

I ended up having the whole weekend off for Easter this year and it was jam packed but so much fun! Click here for the vlog or watch below.  I ended up going home for Easter weekend this year and it ended up being gorgeous weather. After finishing my week of work on Thursday, I drove home and made it a little bit earlier than expected as I beat the traffic. Luckily, that gave me time to unload the car, put on a wash and get ready for a girls night out with my mum, sister, aunt and cousin. One of my youngest cousins just bought her first house which is crazy to me so we went to have a look around before enjoying a new-to-me Italian restaurant. I've heard people talk about Mamma Mia's all the time but never been myself. Personally, I didn't love the food as it was a little salty but it did have the perfect topping to base ratio which not many places get right. It was so nice to catch up with Ellie and lovely to see her new place! I started off Good Friday