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SU Awards, The Rainiest Ball and Baking Brownies!

My friend won an award, The Greatest Ball turned into the Rainiest and Sam and I baked brownies! Click here from the vlog or watch below.  I've had so many events recently and after a perfect swimming session I headed home to shower and get ready for an awards ceremony. One of my friends through archery convinced me to nominate him for an award and I ended up also being invited to the event. Just as I was finishing up getting ready, I got a call asking if I could pick them up. I didn't think I'd have time but by the time I made it, I realised they were still at home and I could get them.  The event was strange. It was weird and odd and nothing like we expected. We arrived a little late after all the detours but it was nice to dress up and spend the evening with the guys. The canapes were disgusting and not at all filling and everyone there seemed to know each other. None of us knew anyone. Odd was not the word. Harriet and David ended up having to leave by qua

I Have a Boyfriend!

I actually can't quite believe I'm writing this but...I officially have a boyfriend! I thought it was about time I shared the news over here and I am over the moon happy about it. Back in December I shared that I went ice skating with the Archery Society and I had an absolute blast. What I failed to mention was that there was this annoying person following me around trying to get me to let go of the side and to be quite honest, I was ridiculously rude and told him to repeatedly leave me alone. Well fast forward a couple of months and we began talking online every single moment of every single day. It was a little intense but felt so write and I was beyond happy. By the time it got around to the end of March, I was getting a little impatient waiting for the next move so I casually asked him out a couple of times to no avail. Finally, he asked me out and of course, I said yes. Maybe I'll share the story of behind the scenes another day but before the message came through

Goal at Twenty Three

I know I posted back in  mid-April  saying I was back for good and it only last a couple weeks but life took over again and I'm clearly, not very good at keeping up both sides of the life. Well I just turned 23 and I'm making is my mission this year to stay more on top of this side of my life. It's always been my way to reflect and despite me saying I haven't had time, it doesn't feel like work in the slightest. I love writing, I love sharing and I love the memories I create. I've kept up with the weekly vlogs over on my YouTube channel and I've spent the majority of this week going back and finishing all the weekly blog posts to go alongside them. These have always been my favourite posts to read back on so I'm glad I've had the chance to go back through them.  Boat Party, Friend Dates and Blidworth Woods Forest Walk! Mini Farm Respite, Sunny Pub Trip and Mother's Day Weekend! Vicki's Birthday, Archery in the Hail and Lake Walks! E

Double Date, I Have Stalkers and NMA Ball!

My first double date was a success, my stalkers finally found me and I organised an amazing Ball! Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  It's so nice that our mutual friends now know about the relationship and even nicer to be able to go out with them. I had so much fun on my first double date. I think L was a little nervous to be honest, but I think even he enjoyed himself by the end of the night. We went to a little local restaurant called Korea House and finished at Heavenly Dessert which does the best cookie dough. Mmm...delicious! It also came to light that Harriet and David now know about all my social media's which feel so weird but also oddly right and they're both very keen to be on the vlog so we'll see if they make it or not!  My stalkers - aka Sam and Vicki - finally found me! I was actually dying with laughter when I first saw these clips. If you haven't already, make sure you go and watch the vlog, purely to see the joy these two hum

RCN Reflections, Bank Holiday Weekend and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

Just one day of university before I headed back up North to Yorkshire for the long bank holiday weekend! Click  here to watch the vlog or see below. On returning to the house, I was greeted with my beautiful caseholding ladies flowers. They were absolutely stunning when I got them and now that they'd bloomed, they were even better. Bea and I started the vlog discussing out favourite aspects from the RCN Congress. I think it's safe to say we both had an amazing times and our highlights included talks on transgender and sepsis.  Since I'd spent 3 days at RCN Congress, I only ended up having one day of lectures this week as we had Friday off. It worked out wonderfully as because it was such a stunning day, we headed outside to have our afternoon lecture. How perfect! A few people got a little sunburnt but I had a blast. As I had a long weekend, I ended up heading home. My mum and her husband were away for the week so I went over to dog and house sit. Despite the