RCN Reflections, Bank Holiday Weekend and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

Just one day of university before I headed back up North to Yorkshire for the long bank holiday weekend!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
On returning to the house, I was greeted with my beautiful caseholding ladies flowers. They were absolutely stunning when I got them and now that they'd bloomed, they were even better. Bea and I started the vlog discussing out favourite aspects from the RCN Congress. I think it's safe to say we both had an amazing times and our highlights included talks on transgender and sepsis. 
Since I'd spent 3 days at RCN Congress, I only ended up having one day of lectures this week as we had Friday off. It worked out wonderfully as because it was such a stunning day, we headed outside to have our afternoon lecture. How perfect! A few people got a little sunburnt but I had a blast.
As I had a long weekend, I ended up heading home. My mum and her husband were away for the week so I went over to dog and house sit. Despite the pouring rain, I took them from a long walk which was a lot of fun and I think they defintely enjoyed themselves too. I love my puppies. Despite being 15, they will always be my babies.
Since grandma had been at the farm alone, I thought it would be nice to take her out for a little date. She hates going out at the best of times so I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to the trip! I let her pick and of course she chose, the fish and chips!
With another important election, I hit the postal vote once again and this time stayed true to myself.
Another day and this time, it started beyond perfectly. As I woke up, I remember smiling to myself excitedly in the hopes of the most perfect day. My boyfriend came all the way to Wakefield to see me. We ended up going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and had a fab time. I haven't been in a few years so it was nice to see the new sculptures and it is always so well kept. It makes me incredibly proud to be from Yorkshire.

I think these were by far my favourite sculptures. I especially loved seeing the pregnant sculpture, although I think he was a little grossed out by it.
And that was where the perfect day ended. We headed out to the Chinese for a romantic meal and he ended up getting a text and had to leave. He was pretty moody the entire meal so it was no fun for me and then he left in the most heartbreaking way ever. To cheer myself up, I ran myself a luxurious, lush bath bomb bath but it didn't exactly cheer me up. Devastated doesn't even cover it!