Double Date, I Have Stalkers and NMA Ball!

My first double date was a success, my stalkers finally found me and I organised an amazing Ball!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

It's so nice that our mutual friends now know about the relationship and even nicer to be able to go out with them. I had so much fun on my first double date. I think L was a little nervous to be honest, but I think even he enjoyed himself by the end of the night. We went to a little local restaurant called Korea House and finished at Heavenly Dessert which does the best cookie dough. Mmm...delicious! It also came to light that Harriet and David now know about all my social media's which feel so weird but also oddly right and they're both very keen to be on the vlog so we'll see if they make it or not! 

My stalkers - aka Sam and Vicki - finally found me! I was actually dying with laughter when I first saw these clips. If you haven't already, make sure you go and watch the vlog, purely to see the joy these two humans can bring. It was very odd to have them show up to archery and pretty much take it over, as they always do, but it was a nice surprise. 
It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I got probably the worst sunburn I've ever had. I wasn't concerned with my arms at all and I had put SPF 30 on my legs and arms. I always wear SPF 30 on my face, plus the mechanical shield that my concealer and foundation provides but what I'd forgotten entirely was my neck and let me tell you, the tan lines are great! 
To start the week, Bea and I headed on our second road trip together - although first with us alone in the car - and went all the way to Hull. You may have heard me mention a research project at least once or twice, but we've finally managed to schedule and attend the last 2 focus groups so all of our data has officially been collected. It really does feel like such a relief but at the same time, I already know how much work we have left to do and I am absolutely dreading doing all the analysis again. Kill me now.
 After a busy day of uni and a cancelled exam, I successfully made it to the first ball I've ever organised. Despite some of the hurdles, the actual event was amazing and went off without a hitch. I'm so pleased with the decor, the photos, the venue, the food and everything in between.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it at all because I was really upset that no one that I knew was coming. I had friends coming and then they either pulled out or refunded their tickets last minute which I was really hurt by. I think it's one thing to not come, another to change your mind but moreover, it was my ball and it would have been really nice to have the support of friends I knew there. Obviously, it didn't work out that way but I still managed to have a little bit of fun in between staying on top of all the different components of the ball.
 At the end of the meal, just as the disco was starting, I ended up going around the tables to see how everything was and if everyone enjoyed the food. I was personally pleasantly surprised and I was pleased that everyone else was happy with their's too. Speaking to all the guests made everything worth it and I genuinely can't wait until next years!
I was very pleased to be officially announced as the new President of the NMA and despite feeling very down about the total lack of regard to  myself in the organisation of the ball and the completely rude nature of some of the speeches, I'm excited for what I can do next year and already have big plans in line!
To end the first half of the week, it was a surprisingly nice evening, and for once, it wasn't raining so I decided to head to archery with some friends, especially in preparation for their big end of year competition. I'm still so sad it's the last time I'll shoot with Harriet for a while. She's doing a year abroad - with is really 15 months! I'm sure she'll have the most amazing time, but nevertheless, I'm very sad to see her go.