Travelling, Lectures and a Regional Dinner! - RCN Congress Day 1

Bea and I headed to Liverpool for our first RCN Congress and had no idea what to expect!

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Arriving at the conference location, we were instantly greeted by the organisers of the trip and we all took a photo outside. It was such a gorgeous day and after a relatively long journey, I was desperate to get out and stretch my legs. 
We were both very excited to head inside but neither of us particularly knew what to expect. We were greeted by 3 giant letters to Jeremy Hunt which everyone was signing so we got involved and signed too. After dropping out bags off at luggage claim, we registered and signed in, before heading downstairs to the main room. There we got out t-shirts for being students and went to look around the main hall where there were lots of different trusts and advertisers. Somewhat expectedly, the majority applied to nurses and nursing students but it was interesting hearing about some of the policies and new technologies available!
After looking at our schedules of available events, we decided the one thing we really wanted to do was see the student nurse and her partner discuss life as a transgender person. It really was truly inspiring and gave me so much more to think about, than I ever thought before. I would absolutely love to have them come and do a presentation to all of the nurses and midwives next year, as part of the NMA.
We left a little before congress closed as we were both a little tired. We walked over to the hotel, which was only a short 15 minutes walk away, then checked in and got ready for the evening celebrations.
Once ready, we headed back towards the main business area for our regional dinner. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. Queuing took forever for food, and if anything it was poorly organised. There was hardly any food and we were all starving! And it was the absolutely strangest layout. It was very segregated and separated and no one could really hear any of the speeches which was a massive shame. Afterwards, we headed to revolutions where I left Bea in the company of new friends and headed back early myself...what's new!