SU Awards, The Rainiest Ball and Baking Brownies!

My friend won an award, The Greatest Ball turned into the Rainiest and Sam and I baked brownies!
Click here from the vlog or watch below. 
I've had so many events recently and after a perfect swimming session I headed home to shower and get ready for an awards ceremony. One of my friends through archery convinced me to nominate him for an award and I ended up also being invited to the event. Just as I was finishing up getting ready, I got a call asking if I could pick them up. I didn't think I'd have time but by the time I made it, I realised they were still at home and I could get them. 
The event was strange. It was weird and odd and nothing like we expected. We arrived a little late after all the detours but it was nice to dress up and spend the evening with the guys. The canapes were disgusting and not at all filling and everyone there seemed to know each other. None of us knew anyone. Odd was not the word. Harriet and David ended up having to leave by quarter to 8 so we made an early dash in the break at 7.30pm and I quickly dropped them off at the bus with all their bags for the weekend's archery competition. When I got back, I quickly got changed and ate half a slice of pizza before L came over and we went to the cinema to see the new X-Men film. Review coming later this week!
With an afternoon off, Sam and I made brownies and while I've never had much success making brownies from scratch, these were delicious!
Finally, to end the vlog, we headed to what was named "The Greatest Ball Ever". Well it turned out to be the rainiest and most boring, rubbish ball I've ever been to. To be quite honest, we were all pretty disappointed after the success of last year so to pay 5x as much, for 5x as less felt like a complete rip off. It was truly awful. The venue changed last minute to a new tiny one, where no one could see the stage, there was no entertainment and the whole thing was dated. The Italian buffet turned out to be curry and rice with brown bread, served, and that was it.
I did love these two shots from the professional photographer. 
I ended the vlog slightly differently because I just couldn't get over how pretty the sunset was. It was gorgeous and I loved the pink sky!