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Why Fed is Best and the Benefits of Choices

I was recently reminded of one of my first assessments as a second year student midwife. Looking back, it was the examination that made me the most nervous but I ended up really enjoying it. We got assessed in a debate style activity. We were given a random topic and then randomly chosen in teams which was for and which was against. Of course, I got the most difficult topic of breastfeeding and was against it.  Today, I saw an article shaming mother's for not breastfeeding. Quite honestly, I'm ashamed people still judges based on their feeding choices. Their choice being key. For me, of course there are benefits to breastfeeding, many of which are biological and well known. But there are also benefits for the alternatives, whether that be bottle feeding with expressed breast milk or artificial milk or rather, formula.  Breastfeeding has biological and economical benefits. The milk contains antibodies and nutrients are tailored specifically for your baby. It requires no equipmen

Pistyll Rhaeadr, Powys Castle and 26th Celebrations!

Part 2 of our Autumn break is in Wales. We headed to my dad's, went to a waterfall and spent the day in Powys.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  We got to Wales late on Thursday evening and dad and his partner were just sitting down for tea. We didn't mind too much because we just talked, chilled and caught up, before getting a relatively early night. The next morning we were discussing what to do and it became apparent that Luke had never been to Pistyll Rhaeadr, which was quite shocking as I've been so many time.  Pistyll Rhaeadr is the largest single drop waterfall in the whole of Britain and it's a bit of an adventure to get to. It was even more of an adventure this time because the "main road" - already single track - was closed, so we went down a back road and it was a little sketchy at times if I'm honest. I think dad and I would have turned around if we were alone, but Luke kept insisting we were almost there.  We did eventually make it

Beer52: Yorkshire Edition (Review)

I've talked about Beer52 before, as I have received two previous boxes, and I do really enjoy them. They are a beer subscription service that delivers monthly themed boxes containing at least 8 beers, a snack and a magazine. This month's box was Yorkshire themed which I felt was very fitting given that I am a Yorkshire girl, born and bred.  Usually, there is a range of cans and bottles but this month they were all cans which was a little unusually but much better for my OCD. The magazine was lovely this year and Luke actually stated it was his favourite to date, with lots of interesting information in it. I was a little disappointed by the snacks this time. The crackers were sweet chilli, which Luke enjoyed, and the other crisps were very odd. They were like stale salt and vinegar crisps. Flavour is there but terrible texture. Not a fan!  Hickory Clan Caviar Maple and Pecan Danish: This beer has a black body with off white or tan head. It is not heavily carbonated and quite vis

Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2021: Jewellery, Bathroom, Style and Kitchen

I don’t think I have done a specific gift guide over the years, except for a very niche one for dog lovers, so I thought I would finally do one for the female adults in your life. I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping already and it’s been fun to get it done surprisingly early this year. I’ve also this year had the opportunity to work with companies and receive some gifted items which feature in this gift guide. Without further ado, here's my 2021 gift guide for HER. Jewellery Diamonds are a girls best friend but not quite in everyone's price range. I was gifted a couple of gorgeous items from Daisy LONDON . They let me select two items of my choice and of course I had to choose items featuring daisies. They were beautifully gift wrapped and packaged securely. I already have a couple of silver sets so I chose a matching gold duo , but they have so many more beautiful items that would make perfect gifts too.  You call know, I am obsessed with my jewellery box. Stackers has

The Success of the Midwife Vigils

I can't tell you how proud and loved I felt after seeing all the images of the March with Midwives vigils that took place nationally yesterday. I was sadly at work, and once again we were stretched above and above. I finished my shift 3 hours late and travelled all over Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough to cover essential visits.  I was so sad I couldn't make it to the vigils, but seeing the turnout and the pictures from the day was heart-warming. It was lovely to see not just midwives, but service users: fathers, mothers, babies and children. It was great to see some members of parliaments supporting the cause, but I think it is very obvious to see that the government as a whole is still not seeing the reality. Sure, it was in a few newspapers, and a handful or television news outlets, but not a single word from the Houses of Parliament.  When I saw the below poem this morning, it couldn't have hit me more honestly. It's written by a midwife to show a midwife. This is

Cheeky Monkeys, Silent Minutes and Chester Date!

Part 1 of our Autumn break is in Chester. We went to Chester Zoo, before spending the day in Chester itself.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I have wanted to go to Chester Zoo for so many years. It's been a on my bucket list for lack of a better word. Luke and I both booked a week of work for his birthday. I'd so wanted to go abroad but Luke somewhat refused, citing the fact that he didn't feel quite comfortable doing that just yet. Unfortunately, I couldn't persuade him otherwise, not even with the temptation of New York, so before cancelling the annual leave, we went ahead and booked a UK break. I asked him where he wanted to go and he said Chester. He's wanted to go for a couple year's, but I've been before and don't particularly like it. I ended up treating him to the day trip and hotel, then tagging on a Chester Zoo trip which I've wanted to do for year's like I said.  Chester Zoo was everything I thought it would be and more. I