Reusable and Sustainable Party Decorations

As has been the theme of this year, sustainability has been at the core of many of my lifestyle changes. It was one of my New Year's Resolutions and nearing the end of the year hasn't stopped that. I love celebrating everything in life and I will use any excuse for a party or a chance to decorate. I feel I am quite careful about looking after decorations and I reuse many items year on year. I also am selective about which items I buy, and I love multi-use products. 

It's coming up to my partner's birthday and I wanted to make him feel loved and at home, given that it's his first time waking up in not his mother's house on his birthday. I looked for some stylish yet sophisticated items to decorate the birthday table and I ended up falling in love with the fun rainbow theme that's making the rounds at the moment. I found some lovely eco birthday wrapping paper. It's thick and really good quality, plus the fact that it's 100% recycled and made in the UK, limiting the carbon footprint, makes it all the better. I just love all three designs! 

From there I found an incredible collection of reusable birthday party decorations. It was surprisingly hard to find natural or degradable products so when I saw these I was super excited. I ordered quickly and then was very surprised when the small envelope showed up. In fact, I was a little disappointed but only for a couple of minutes. 

The pack has a huge supply and range of products. I can't believe how much is in it! There are word banners with spare letters to allow different events to be celebrated, as well as a lovely circle bunting. There are then multiple colourful streamers and an array of 3D honeycomb decor pieces. The latter are really high quality, unlike previous tissue paper versions I've used before. The cardboard is thick and feels durable, and the velcro fastenings keep the items together securely and strongly. It's also really quick and can be assembled in seconds. 

I love that the packaging is also sustainable with no plastic packaging and each type of decor comes in a little brown paper envelope. These keeps the items neat and tidy, for easy storage. The items are self-assembly so that is something to bare in mind, for example the "Happy Birthday" banner does need to be threaded as comes individually to begin with, but everything is provided within the product. It comes with plenty of ribbon and even a needle to thread more easily. There is lots of spare ribbon to use for future words as well. The other decoration of string loops already attached. 

Overall, I am so impressed. All the items are high quality, brightly coloured and durable. I would defintely recommend these to anyone.