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How to: Download Instagram Stories!

I have a business Instagram account and one day, I really wanted my Instagram LIVE! downloaded but I forgot to save it. Well, I was totally at a loss so I did some research and I found this amazing site! It's so easy to use and so I just had to share a quick guide!

On Google Chrome, you can download an app that acts as an internet browser extension called Chrome IG Story. Click here to download it.Once downloaded, click on the symbol located next to your search bar. Chrome IG Story and it will open a new tab.Type in the username of the story you want to download.It's that simple! The best thing is that you don't even have to be logged into the correct account because you can download anybody's story. 

I hope that helps. Have fun!

Car Shopping and a Crazy Day!

Spending a few days at home called for car shopping and meeting up with a friend. It all got a little crazy so STORYTIME! 
Click here for the vlog or watch below! We had a long weekend break with 3 days of Self Directed Learning (SDL) so I went home for just under a week. It was defintely nice to go back. It's odd, I've never felt homesick before. If you've been following me for a while you may know that I studied for three years in London. Back in my very first term of first year, I didn't go back once. I feel like Nottingham is so different compared to the capital. Let's face it, the public transport is defintely more temperamental.

We went to Costco with grandma and she made me laugh so much. I got lots of free snacks while walking around and the sunset was absolutely stunning.
We ended up having a Chinese takeaway and finished it with some melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Seriously...heaven! I ended up stealing another for the day after too. I very rarely…

I'm Sorry!

This post is going up just a little bit later than normal and for that I apologise but life is still a little crazy and I'm just settling in to life as a student again. I have so many ideas I want to share and so many posts that need to be written so I will be sharing those - hopefully - soon.

For now, bare with me. There may not be 3 blog posts a week, although I will try my best, but I will still be here.

To stay updated on my life, be sure to follow me on all my social media's. I post daily on my Hannah's Lips UK Instagram and I am always on Twitter if you want to reach out.

Speak soon!

My First Week of Midwifery!

It's all about memories. This week's been a little emotional but let's face it, that's what comes with changes! I've just moved, made new friends and started a new course. 
Click here to watch the weekly vlog or see below.
I wanted to share how I felt going into and coming out of each day of university. It's funny because I didn't expect to feel some of the things I did but it was interesting. It also meant I could take a lip picture every day. Having accomplished the 50 shades in 50 days challenge, I haven't been used to taking it each day so it's defintely something to get back into.  Usually, I'm the one to beg my friends for pictures so I absolutely love that my flatmate wanted to take one. I think it's so sweet that we have this photo of us walking into the hospital and the very first day and I can't wait to take another one - hopefully - in 3 years time. It's going to be special to experience this whole thing together.  We end…


Today's Monday post is a little bit different from normal. Instead of posting my weekly recap, I'm instead sharing a post for a very important cause.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet one in four young women don't attend their smear test. I'm supporting Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and sharing my #SmearForSmear because every woman should know that smear tests save lives. Reduce your risk and get tested. Check if you're due and actually go!

Please get involved and post your smear selfie because knowledge is power. Getting the word out their is of uttermost important. Simply sharing a smudged lipstick selfie is a way to spread the word about the smear test.

Join the Cancer Campaign Selfie or even text JCCT16 £5 to 70070 to donate.

11 TV Shows I Wished Weren't Cancelled!

Watching a Christmas film this past festive season, I was reminded of a great TV Show that I used to watch. It got me thinking about all the series' that I used to watch before they were cancelled. While there are many more that I would have loved to continue to watch, if they were planned finishes like Charmed, One Tree Hill, Chuck and The Vampire Diaries, I have chosen not to include them in my list because the shows at least have closure.
Here are the top 10 shows that were cancelled way before there time!

Witches of East End - I loved the book series and got the whole family addicted to the modern version of Charmed. I was so sad when it was cancelled and left the whole story at a complete cliff hanger. Life Unexpected - Even though this did somewhat end nicely, I still wanted more from this series. FlashForward - This was probably the most shocking cancelled show because the clever vision premise was just way before it's time and super exciting. The Tomorrow People - Since…

30 Things to do in London!

Most of you probably now but I've recently moved out of London. I spent the last 3 years living in the capital of England and without a doubt, my favourite city. While I was sad to leave, I do think I made the most of my time there and I wanted to share my top 20 things to do on a visit!
West End Musical: I've seen so many West End productions and I think of myself as very lucky. It's such an iconic thing to do in London and you can even get cheap tickets with TodayTix.Concerts: London hosts many varied artists, from well-known stars to secret showstoppers. Music is a huge love of mine and I love seeing them play it live. Covent Garden: One of my favourite places in London is Covent Garden. It makes the city seem so much smaller and quaint. I love how they've made it more of a garden over the past few years. Madame Tussauds: I went here with my mum and it's so fun to see all the celebrities up close and personal. I was really impressed with how they make the wax fig…

Moving Homes and a New Beginning!

The start of 2018 was a little stressful. I spent a little time with friends and family but for most of it, I was packing up my life into boxes ready for the big move! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see it down below. 
Katherine finally returned to Yorkshire for the latter part of the Christmas holidays and after not seeing her since Miami (although technically we did see each other briefly when we went to Flip Out!), it was nice to catch up. It was defintely brief but still fun. We saw Jumanji 2 and surprisingly, we both ended up loving it!  It was quite a relaxed and chilled week, mainly because I was packing all my things into boxes and organising my room ready to move on Saturday morning. It was probably the least stressful move ever because everything was still quite sorted from September so I didn't have to search around too much.
I love fajitas although I don't have the full package. My paprika chicken is the perfect flavour for me personally so we did a couple of di…

Films I Am Most Excited for in 2018!

I shared my top 10 films of 2017 last week but from the line up, it looks like 2018 is set to be another incredible year of film so I thought I would share the ones I am most looking forward to!

The Incredibles 2 - After the long wait for this sequel, I think most 90s born children are excited!Maze Runner: The Death Cure - Having been a fan of the books and of the first 2 films, I can't wait to watch the final film in the trilogy. Aqauman - I love the world of DC and Marvel and all the new superhero movies being made so I can't wait for a new addition. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - With the first being a hit over the holidays, I can't wait to see how they make a sequel and bring back dinosaur island. Fifty Shades Free - As you know, I happen to love this book trilogy and the films can't wait to watch Ana and Grey get married and have kids!Avengers: Infinity War - Another sequel I'm excited to see. Solo: A Star Wars Story - I'm not a fan of the old films but I…

Up at the O2! (Review)

In my last week in London, I decided to make the most of my time and do all of the things I'd been wanting to do. Up at the O2 was an activity I found out about while I was attending a concert at the arena. Given that, in my head, it was a strenuous activity and high up (I'm a little afraid of heights), I promised myself I would do day. It was very early on in my medical school career so I promised myself I would go when I graduated. Well, as I failed first year and struggled through third, I changed that to when I graduate...or when I fail. Ultimately I failed so it was now or never.

I booked my time slot very easily on the website, the day before I was going. I went for both an off peak time and the regular time, then had an O2 priority discount code so the overall price ended up being a decent price. It's defintely worth looking around for discount codes before paying, because there is usually something around. 
When I arrived, there had been a massive delay on…