Moving Homes and a New Beginning!

The start of 2018 was a little stressful. I spent a little time with friends and family but for most of it, I was packing up my life into boxes ready for the big move! 

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Katherine finally returned to Yorkshire for the latter part of the Christmas holidays and after not seeing her since Miami (although technically we did see each other briefly when we went to Flip Out!), it was nice to catch up. It was defintely brief but still fun. We saw Jumanji 2 and surprisingly, we both ended up loving it! 
It was quite a relaxed and chilled week, mainly because I was packing all my things into boxes and organising my room ready to move on Saturday morning. It was probably the least stressful move ever because everything was still quite sorted from September so I didn't have to search around too much.
I love fajitas although I don't have the full package. My paprika chicken is the perfect flavour for me personally so we did a couple of different variations, thanks to a vegetarian and my mum's fiance.
To mark the last day at home for a while, we had a girls night out to Capri for tea. It was nice to have it just mum, Jess and I because we haven't spent anytime together without their partners for a while. It's been ridiculously annoying having Josh and Stuart there practically 24/7 so I was thankful for the break. I actually really enjoyed the meal and for once, my pizza was perfect!
Saying goodbye to Holly and Tilly was hard. I'm also super sad that the horses are moving back up to the farm the day after I leave! I've literally been begging to have them come up and I was told no, repeatedly. Oh well, at least we will be able to see them more now.
After just a short drive to Nottingham, we moved and unpacked everything. It didn't take all that long, despite it just being mum and I. I really love the room and my flatmates all seem really nice which is obviously a massive positive.
I'm sure next week will be one to remember so I will talk all about university and everything else then, but for now...bye!