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Clothing Haul: Trixin Clothing and Dorothy Perkins

From Trixin clothing:

Trixin Clothing is a start up clothing company by a bunch of famous YouTubers, mainly The Shaytards, from America. I think the clothes are mostly good quality. From the 3 items I have bought, the dress and the jumper are so incredibly comfortable, with good quality material and seem durable. I love the design on the feather top. I bought the little 'The Horizon' tank for the gym and it is very thin and for the material I think it is overpriced. I love the items but I think with delivery and customs costs, I will not be buying again any time soon. 
From DP:
Anyone who knows me, knows that Dorothy Perkins is by far my favourite shop so when I went in after exams last Wednesday I as sure I would find a little something.

 This dress is beyond gorgeous. It is so comfy and easy fitting. It has a simple pattern and to me, is quite slimming. I love the black band down the side. It will be perfect for holidays.

I can't eve…

New Purchase!

Over the last week I've made some purchases so I thought I would share seeing as though life has been pretty uneventful :')

For those who have known me for a long time, since year 7, I have been very self-conscious of my acne. I have suffered very badly over the years and have been a numerous different prescriptions. I have been looking into Magnitone or Clarisonic type products. So when one of my YouTubers posted a 70% discount for a very similar product I was thrilled and snapped up the opportunity. It's called 'Spin for Perfect Skin' and I ended up buying it for £40 in total including UK delivery. I will do I review once I get it! If you want 70% off use the code 'carlie7''re welcome ;)

I bought 2 DVDs to keep me going: Blended and Horrible Bosses 2 (which I have wanted for a long time.

I also got a cute little hanging watch so that I can clip it in exams.

I treated myself to some Body Shop acce…