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A New Puppy and a Double Birthday!

I had so much fun at my sister's house just over a week ago! I went to celebrate my niece's 4th and sister's 30th birthday, plus I was surprised with a new family addition of Tess the Goldendoodle!

On day one, we went swimming! I was so excited to record some fun water footage and take some pictures of Bop but there were signs up everywhere saying no photography. Honestly, I was a little annoyed about it but really I think it's just a really stupid policy.

Afterwards, we headed back to their house and Bop introduced me to Tess. She is seriously so sweet and sassy; she's so full of energy and just the perfect dog for Bop. I can't believe how well trained she is already: she sits, catches and is starting to lie on command!

At 6pm, Vicky, Jay and Catherine set off to a party while I babysat Bop and Tess. I love spending alone time with Bop. I just feel so much happier and at ease. I just love spending quality one-on-one time with anyone but, without a doubt, Bop i…

Bop Turns 4! 🎂

I can't believe my little baby niece is 4 today! FOUR!

I'm a sobbing mess in bed today but I hope she's having the best day with her mummy and daddy celebrating, while I'm working in hospitals.

I quickly but together some pictures of this last year in a JesssFam styled birthday montage.
Bop your energy is contagious. Your fun loving personality is awe inspiring; your love for animals is wonderful to see; your sweet embarrassed face is the cutest. I love your dedication to TV, I love watching you in the bath, I love your sweet shoulder hugs and I love your funny picture face.

I love you so much, my cheeky monkey!

"AIR" October Birchbox: Unboxing and Review 🌫

This month's Birchbox theme was "What's Your Sign?" and there were 4 different box designs based on your birth sign. I actually really liked the Fire box design!

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 
I'm not going to lie. This month didn't go quite according to plan. I received my box 4 days late and then the box was damaged and indented while when I opened it, one of the products was opened and leaked everywhere ruining all the products and of course the keepsake box. I contacted them and after a long almost 2 week wait period, the box finally arrived with useable goods!
Love the product and love the smell but defintely not worth the price. It's makes my skin feel tighter and smoother but I probably wouldn't get much use out of it as I already have my evening routine worked out. 
Without a doubt, my favourite item this month is this lipstick. It's eas…

Jamie Lawson Tour! / SECRET SHOW STORIES 🎤

On Wednesday 19th October, I went to see Jamie Lawson in his UK, self titled tour at the O2 Brixton Academy.

Click here to see his support act, Calum Scott.

Click here to see Jamie Lawson's set highlights.

I can honestly say, I 'wasn't expecting that'! Haha I joke but honestly I was really surprised.
I bought two tickets as it was my cousins 19th birthday present but it turned out she couldn't make it so I ended up taking my flatmate instead. I had tried to sell it but it didn't but I'm so glad! I usually go to concerts by myself, which is totally fine, but this one was a little different as all the audience tickets were seated so no one really talked to each other, other than who they came with.

When they first sent the email saying that they'd been changed to seated I kind of blew it off because I'd figured, no one would be seated for the whole concert anyway. Given all the others I'd been to, I was on my feet the entire time anyway but no...I…

How to Talk About Abuse 💭

When I receive an application from a guest poster, I look at their blog. I try to gain a little bit about the person and then I look at what they want to write about to see if it fits in with my own idea for where I want my blog to go. Often, the person doesn't know what they want to write about so I offer suggestions about what I would want to hear from them.

When I recieved Jennifer Peacock-Smith's application, I went to her self-titled blog and was immediately intrigued by her opening statement:

"Writer, Blogger, Chronic Abuse Survivor & WIP (in all ways). This is the blog about all the pieces of my broken life, heart and soul. My journey of hope, loss, abuse and a TCK finding a Tribe and somewhere to belong."
I wanted to know more about her journey because I was interested in her story and because I'm nosey but with the response I got back from Jenn, I've learnt so much more about how to talk about abuse from a victim's perspective. The story doesn…

October 2016 - Secret Scent Box: Unboxing and Review 🌹

I've been very lucky recently and I won on Instagram competition with Secret Scent Box. I, of course, received the Women's Box but I found it really nice that they also did a Men's Box.
So when I received it, I was really impressed by how quickly it was delivered. I got it just a couple of days after it was announced I'd won so straight away I was pleased. The Secret Scent Box is a UK fragrance box subscription that "lets you discover new designer and branded perfumes or colognes" for £15 a month.
I received the October box and I love how cute the packaging is. It comes in a really high quality black box which is very simple and perfect for travelling with jewellery, I've decided. The 3 perfumes are well packaged and will not break as they are safely tucked away into little slots.

I really liked how they colour coded the bottles and then gave brief descriptions of each scent with an idea of the type of occasion it's appropriate for plus the bases for…

Justin Bieber: Purpose World Tour! / SECRET SHOW STORIES 🎤

I had so much fun at Justin Bieber's concert at The O2, London on Wednesday 12th. It was amazing. It was incredible. It was everything that I dreamed...

Supported by The Knocks, I didn't think they were very good at all. The first support act was on very briefly but was so much better. The Knocks just had no stage presence and their songs weren't very catchy. Being an electronic duo it wasn't my sort of music either. Click here for the video or watch below.
Justin, however, defintely got everyone off their feet and made me dance and sing along! Click here for the video or watch below.  I wasn't a massive fan of Justin Bieber's music before his last album 'Purpose' was released. For those who have been living under a rock, it's amazing! I didn't hate his music before but it wasn't incredible. 'Baby' was catchy but this last album was filled with hit after hit. Either way, I was defintely glad when he played 'Baby' and literall…