Do I like Hamilton? No. Do I like Rosberg? Yes. Am I biased? No.

After the past few races of the 2016 Formula One World Championships, I can't help but get infuriated by the publics comments.

Yes, Hamilton has had his fair share of problems this year in terms of technical equipment but so did Rosberg last year. It just so happens that the luck has switched places this year. Did people blame Mercedes for favoriting Hamilton last year? No they didn't. So why do they blame Mercedes for favoriting Rosberg this year?

It is totally wrong of people and whether you are fans of the individuals involved or not, this season has been based a big part on driving talent.

When Hamilton has had the opportunities to win a race he has ultimately produced driver error after driver error. This weekend in Japan showcased that perfectly. After failing to have a good start, he dropped down to P8 and graciously fought his way back up to P3.

Despite my dislike of the guy, Hamilton is indeed a very talented driver. No one wins 3 championships without having talent. These are the top drivers in the entire world, all fighting to be the best of the best. But this year, he is the one at fault.

I am getting so furious by all the supposed 'fans' of the sport who still say that Rosberg isn't a good driver, even though he has won 9 races this season alone.

There haven't been many straight fought race fights as people would call it but that isn't down to lack of Nico trying. A race victory comes down to qualifying position and the whole race process including the start. A bad qualifying vs a good qualifying means that the earlier driver has a better starting position, helping the race. A bad start vs a good start means the driver can get ahead of his opponent. A bad race vs a good race accumulates more points.

It's the whole package that puts together a result. A straight fight shouldn't have to only count if the two drivers are neck and neck. A straight fight is when the driver puts everything together for the weekend and comes out on top.

So in the future, when Hamilton lets the pressure get to him and loses places and when Rosberg wins, cheer him on for beating another talented opponent and coming out on top. Treat him with respect for being the best of the best and cheer him on!

From me - an English fan, yes, not supporting Hamilton - to Rosberg, keep fighting for your first world championship! My money's on you!