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Open Mic Night, Scaring my Mum and Bonfire Night!

The end of a busy week was full of fun. Open mic night was amazing and then I went to visit my mum for Bonfire Night!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

The accommodation where I live is really generous in terms of the events and socials that they organise. They arranged for a post-Halloween photo booth which was so much fun! I went a couple of times and it's one of my favourite photos of myself. I'm not sure the people in the photos want to be shared publicly so I'll leave them private for now.

I got home from work and it turns out, we'd been invited, as a house, by our neighbours to an open mic night just up the road. It was so much fun! I absolutely love live music and acoustic versions of songs have always been so relaxing to me. The bar was really relaxed and decorated beautifully.

 Plus one of the acts, brought the absolute cutest puppy. It's my dream dog and she was gorgeous!
After a long week at work, I managed to squeeze in a trip back North to vi…

Who Knows Me Best - Flatmate Edition!

Have you met my flatmates? Vicki and Sam are two of the girls I live with in Nottingham and we filmed a Who Knows Me Best Q+A. Who do you think won? 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below, and find out!

I first met the pair of them in January 2019 when Sam's dad introduced himself to me on moving in day. Sam and I started talking later on that evening and instantly clicked. Vicki lived upstairs but as she knew one of our other flatmates, she came down every single day and practically lived with us as a 6th housemate as well.  Our first roadtrip together was to see Ed Sheeran in Manchester. It was a great but cold night and we had so much fun. I ended up bringing them back to my house, on the farm, before they all left in their separate ways the following morning.
Summer Ball was one of out favourite events. The accommodation that we lived at was absolutely amazing at organising events. It was so cheap and we got so much for the price we paid. Vicki never stops raving about it.

Dorothy Perkins Autumn Haul!

If you didn't know, nearly all my wardrobe is Dorothy Perkins. I love Dorothy Perkins items and as much as I hate shopping, I love walking into one shop and finding everything I need in one place. I finally went shopping for some new autumn and winter clothes so I thought I would share my haul! I absolutely love shades of green on me. It really brings out my eyes and gives me more confidence. This Green Zip Top is lightweight, comfortable and has the added detail of two little zips on the shoulders.
I also picked it up in another colour, Purple! Yes, when I love clothes, I get it in all the colours.  I haven't been able to find I comfortable, cosy knit cable jumper for years and I've finally found one I love! This red one has tie sleeves which I love because the extra detail makes it super pretty. I couldn't find this colour on the website but I found it in grey. I chose red for Christmas but had I found the charcoal, I probably would have been swayed otherwise.  I ac…

Halloween Week: Exam, House Party and Archery!

Halloween week was crazy busy this week and utterly exhausting but so much fun. 
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The week started off with the big exam. It was a strange exam because we hadn't had any theory teaching for almost 10 weeks so I had to literally teach myself the whole module from scratch. I wrote by revision bible, as I like to call it, and then spent the next few days writing revision posters up before practising lots of different exam questions.  I qualify for rest breaks during exams so the others finished about an hour earlier than I did. I ended up meeting them in town and while they'd only been drinking for an hour, they hadn't eaten anything all day, so you can only imagine. It was hilarious. We went to MOD pizza for lunch and the girls were all very impressed by the price.
 The plan when we got home was to go for a night out in some bars, but by the time I got home from Archery at 10.30pm, I was exhausted. The girls had clearly had a few d…