Presents, Food and Games - Christmas 2018!

Christmas is finally here! Watch me celebrate Christmas Day and enjoy a fancy Boxing Day meal!

Click here for the vlog or see below. 
If you watched my Christmas Eve vlog, you probably saw me a little emotional and it was a hard day. Having your family open Christmas presents without you is tough! I know Christmas isn't actually about presents but it's a huge part of the memories. Anyway, I woke up excited to open presents but mum said she would open them with me, but on her schedule, so instead I got dressed and ready first. 

I chose an older dress that I actually bought for my cousin's birthday, a few years ago now. I usually curl my hair for Christmas but instead, I thought I would french plait it for a change and went for more natural looking curls. I also treated myself to a new LipSense colour - somewhat unplanned - to match my dress, in Sheer Berry. 
It wasn't too long once I was ready that we could open presents. Mum and Jess had even saved their presents from me to open together. My Christmas present haul will be going live later this week. Once finished, I did my job of laying the table and putting out nibbles, ready for everyone to arrive. 
I loved that my cousin asked to take a picture as it started a whole round of pictures being taken. I love photo and I defintely love looking back on them, but sometimes they're really hard to get people to take so I'm glad people were in the mood!

As always, food was amazing!

Mum spoilt us all with 3 desserts this year: a reindeer brownies cake, a lemon meringue bomb and the usual Christmas cake. 
One food was finished and the Queen's speech had been watched, we did a Christmas quiz, payed board games and then finished the night with poker, before everyone headed off.
The next day was Boxing Day and it's become somewhat of a tradition to go out for a fancy meal. I still think it's unnecessary, especially with so many leftovers, but it's what the family wants. I've stayed home a couple of times alone, but it's a little sad. Anyway, this year we went to Oulton Hall which was gorgeous and the food was amazing. I wore a lace black dress and paired it with purple accessories, including a purple lip with Napa.

Here's to some final Christmas pictures before calling the season done.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you want! Until next year, Merry Christmas.


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