What I got for Christmas 2018!

It's become tradition to share what I got for Christmas each year and now that we're in the New Year, Christmas already feels so long ago, but here goes! 

I can't even begin to show how much chocolate I have. This will last me for forever and by the time I'd taken this photo, I'd already given away the chocolate I didn't like! It's not just chocolate though, there's also Diet Coke, Pringles and Pigs in Blanket Crisps. 
 From my dad's girlfriend,  got the softest blush hot water bottle!
 In terms of beauty, I got a The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask, a Lush bath bomb, a sponge with aromatherapy infused for exfoliation, a nail buffer set of files and a foot peel.
 My mum got these Space Masks for each of us. Supposedly, you were them 15 minutes before bed and they help you fall asleep faster. They also heat up gradually which is for relaxation.
 How cute are these little Santa earrings!
I got not one, but two(!) baking sets this year. The first is simply an Ice your Own Gingerbread Men and the second is a Cake in a Mug.
I absolutely love these photo string lights. I've literally just bought some new fairy lights for my room so it's a bit of a shame but I do love these so much!
 I also got a lot of clothes. I got some very special White Company socks, some much needed tights and some useful slip on socks.
 I also got 2 scarfs: a blanket scarf in brown which is perfect for winter and a lose linen one I can't wait to use in summer.
 My mum treated me to this new star jumper and a star dress. I've yet to try either of them on but I'll see what I thing to the star dress, it's defintely not my usual type but mum would love it if I wore it for New Year's Eve.
 My cousin Emma also bought me some clothing, this time a dressing gown...with a hood!
 Finally, my older sisters bought me a bow trainer. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to use this but it's such a thoughtful present and I'm very grateful.
What was your favourite present this year?

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Ps. I also filmed a quick one take video but the sizing was all wrong so if you want to check out the fail of a video, click here or watch it below.