My "Best of 2018" - Pictures Explained

Like many of these types of posts, it's become a tradition for me to share my Best Nine photo of Instagram. This year, there isn't a whole lot of explanation needed, with many of the photos shared from my mum's wedding earlier this year, back in August.

  1. It's been a big year, with my first photo being the biggest event of the year. I started my new course, Midwifery at the University of Nottingham. This photo is actually taken on our very first day and shows me alongside all my - now - housemates. 
  2. I really tried to make the effort to get fit this year and this selfie snapped in the women's gym shows just how hard I tried. I went at 9.30pm at night! 
  3. My best friend's father took this very candid photo just after the wedding ceremony and it is without a doubt my favourite. I love how it captures my smile and shows the blue eyeshadow that I worked so hard to match perfectly to the dress. 
  4. Another shot from the wedding, this time from the photo shoot just before we headed downstairs. I love that it shows the full bridal party. 
  5. One of my best college friends ended up finishing her degree the year I began and she took me on a gorgeous work around the university campus and down to Wollaton Park, where we got a stranger to snap a photo of us in front of Wollaton Hall. 
  6. This shows a night out which ended up in a disaster as the girls got trapped in a lift!
  7. The first night out as a student midwife and we met up with some girls from the cohort above! 
  8. Again, a wedding shot, this one not quite as clear and snapped at the break of dawn with the bridal party in our cute dressing gowns. 
  9. Finally, and not really a huge difference in my year, a review for Marc Jacobs latest mascara

If you want to read about my 2017, 2016 and 2015, be sure to check out those posts too.


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