Trapped in a Lift!

This week's been quiet apart from a night out at Pryzm which was absolutely crazy because most my friends got trapped in a joke!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

The week started off exciting with an afternoon spent house hunting. I'd arranged a couple of viewings so we headed to see those just after lunch. The first was close to the hospital. We pass it every day on the walk to university so location wise it was perfect. No one liked the inside so it was immediately a no. The second was a surprise. It was advertised as a house and while it was really high quality and super nice inside, it was basically on the same level as student hall accommodation.

I received an email late last night from our current accommodation, advertising the houses they offer. Considering returning students get a smaller deposit requirement and the rent is the same as we currently have, it was an easy decision for everyone else. I preferred the second property but could understand their thinking process so we signed contracts the next day!
On Friday I was slowly convinced to go out with everyone. I do usually enjoy myself when I do head out but it's not exactly my favourite thing to do. I wore my Jack Wills dress, and I love how comfy it is, paired with a hot pink lip.
It was all going so well until some of my friends decided to get the lift down the 2 flights of stairs. Well it got stuck and they couldn't open the doors. I was running like a mad woman, tottling around in my heels. A couple of the others had set off a little earlier but just as I caught up with them, their taxi started driving off. I went to reception but no one was there and by the time I got back, they were on an emergency call. It was a little scary at the time but hilarious looking back.

I had a nice conversation with a girl when she arrived back with her takeaway and she had an amazing idea to try calling it to a different floor. Well the lift started moving and as if by magic, the doors opened! I just remember the response when everyone finally got out of the lift. There was a lot of happy cheers and C raced down the stairs and started practically kissing the floor, on her hands and knees!

The club was actually quite nice and despite the little dramas throughout the night, it was a good night. Of course, we ended up loosing people so that was a little scary especially when we couldn't get in touch but everyone ended up in a taxi which was great.

Can you spot me in these two club pictures? So funny!
I'd been recommended the gym opposite our accommodation from a couple of friends so I joined on a paused membership just before Christmas. The whole flat ended up signing up so we all went to our first class together. I love Zumba but the class wasn't great. It was a little hard to keep up because she didn't speak but still enjoyable. I can't wait for next weeks! I just wish they did them on days other than Tuesday.
I went to the gym a couple more times just to work out by myself but I probably put on even more calories with my first Domino's since leaving London. Despite them having a slight delay, it was very yummy and totally worth it! The cookies are just heaven.

I've been loving posting 'live' lip of the day pictures everyday with the colour I'm wearing each day. I've also been enjoying the ease of french plait heatless curls. I can't actually do french plaits on my own hair anymore, so I tend to do dutch instead. It's so funny, but my hands just won't move that way.