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British Heatwave, Dress Shopping and Research Conference!

We had an awful summer heatwave, attempted to buy some new dresses and attended a new conference!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below!  The week started with a sweltering heatwave. I was honestly quite petrified to be working during it, but it was absolutely fine on labour suite, where I was working. The wards on the other hand, was a different story. I worked on the Monday and was lovely and cool on shift. It was only when I was leaving did I realise how hot it was. The heat hit me the moment I walked out the doors! I then had to try and sleep during the two hot HOT days, which wasn't super successful, but the night shifts in the hospital was fine. Sadly, when I washed my hair after work that last day, the bathroom was leaking again. I don't know if it's because it's the first bath I'd had since the last leakage, but it hasn't done it since when I've been showering so hopefully, it won't cause me any more problems before I leave.  I didn't sl

Getting an Electrical Inspection Report (Buying my First Home)

 After getting a survey , a few things came back from the report. Whilst nothing significant, there were a few recommendations. Many of them were things that the solicitor would automatically include in her selection of reports, such as services and a mining report, however some others needed further inspection, one being the electrics. I new when looking around the house the first time, that the electrical fuse box (the RCD board) would likely need replacing. I hadn't anticipated that the electrics hadn't been inspected in almost 30 years (shockingly!) so I also needed a report completing.  One of my colleagues, who recently left, recommended her husband's company. It's a joint venture with a builder and he is the electrician. They were able to fit me in for both the electrics and the bathroom to be redone, so I thought it was a great option given that I trusted her and they had great reviews. Of course, given the current turnaround of jobs and the long wait, the fact

Attempting to Find Dresses for a Large Breast

I have so many events coming up and to be quite honest, I'm at a point right now, where I'm struggling to even want to go. I have two weddings and graduation in the space of less than 2 weeks. Not only that, but one of the weddings is a Sikh wedding, meaning there are a number of events leading up to the day itself. I'm all for wearing the same outfits multiple times, but I can't really get away with the same dress to the same type of function, nor will I have time to wash outfits between days unfortunately. Bare in mind, I'm also in the process of moving during this time also!  I've gained a lot of weight over the past 3 years and more so in the bust area, which was already quite large to begin with. I am (in general) a size 12 in most women's clothes. Over the past few months, I've had to size up to a size 14 in most tops and dresses because my boobs are so big. Also, it's so difficult to find a suitable neckline! I have recently bought two new bra

The Break Up and Heartache

If you watch the vlogs, you'll already know that I haven't been in a good place for the last few weeks. I wanted to write a post to explain a little earlier, but to be quite honest I just couldn't. It was too hard and I felt if I wrote sooner, I would be writing from a place of anger and not love, which I would regret. Of course, I am still angry and hurt and upset, but I’m coming to terms with it.  We broke up.  It's now been over 4 weeks and honestly, it's been some of the hardest weeks of my life. Breaking up is something that I never wanted to happen, but it got to a point in the relationship where I knew it had to. Three and a half years together is a long time; the relationship hadn't been in a good place for a while, and I had tried to make things better, sadly with no avail. He was doing things to try and make me happier, but it made me angrier, whilst I wanted things to change and they weren't, so I was pushing him away.  At the start of the relatio

Yorkshire Show, Family BBQ and Brunch Date!

A brighter vlog this week and a fun, busy weekend with family!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I started the weekend with a couple of video calls with different members of staff regarding my fellowship research project. It's been so difficult to get the data so I have been trying to find the right people to be in contact with to get it. It's been a journey but after 3 months, I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. Once finished, I headed to Wakefield to spend a busy weekend with family, starting with a little bit of a chilled afternoon, cuddling with the puppies and playing in the garden, before heading out go bathroom shopping! As mentioned in the vlog, the first and main big remodel of the new house, is the family bathroom and tiles was my first priority! I fell in love with some very expensive ones, so these rectangle ones were a close second. I will be sharing the whole design very soon.  That evening, we went in the hot tub and talked and chilled and caug