Issued House Contracts (Buying my First Home)

It's been a while since I last wrote about my first time house buying experience and gave a little bit of an update, and the truth is, it's because it's been at a complete stand still. I am so excited to say that we are now almost there! It's suddenly sped up very quickly and I'm regretting starting this series so late now. Anyway, welcome to this new series "Buying my First Home". 

Once my offer was accepted, it took about 3 weeks to organise my mortgage, survey and solicitors. I plan to go into a little bit more detail on all that, but everything was then frozen. I decided to wait to share, until things started to be processed, as I didn't want the information to affect the process. Unfortunately, despite everything being in place on my end, my solicitor couldn't continue the paperwork until the seller's solicitor issued the draft contracts, and they had been requested not to issue those until the seller had an offer accepted on a property themselves. 

Well, just over a month ago, I got the exciting news that they had had an offer accepted and the contracts had been issued! Not only that, but the property they were buying was already unoccupied, ready to move into and with no upward chain. 

After months of thinking this could be such a slow process, I am began to think it might suddenly speed up! I am awaiting to hear back from the first draft contracts but I am excited to hopefully be moving soon. With only the two of us in consideration, and them being cash buyers, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.