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Hi Everyone,
So I am planning on doing a post every Monday. I am not making any promises but I think I'll probably write one when I'm ready to write something and then schedule it to go live at the same time each week. 

But back to today's post! As promised, everything you need to know about me...the TMI Tag! 
Now no one has tagged me to do this but I'm new, so I am going to do it anyway...hehe.  What is my full name?Hannah Elizabeth SlackHow old am I? 18 years old...nearly!Where do I live? Wakefield in Yorkshire, EnglandWho do I live with? I live with my Mum, younger sister and my mother's boyfriend. FYI: My dad is still in the picture and he lives 20 minutes away from my house. I tend to go to his house every other weekend, but we talk all the time :)Siblings? I have 2 older sisters and one younger sister: Victoria (29), Catherine (27) and Jessica (16)Job? I am currently an A-Level student in college so I am currently revising and cramming for my examsHave I ever bee…


Hi Everyone,I am brand new to blogging, not just to this channel but blogging full stop. I have recently started to watch a lot of YouTube videos and through this I have been lead to blogs. My favourite is, without-a-doubt, Anna Saccone (! Girls...if you are interested in fashion, beauty and mummy posts, it is definitely worth a read. :) 

I feel like many people use blogs as a way to communicate with others and share their lives with everyone so I thought I would give it a try. Maybe I can meet some people and make some friends! 

To start off here are just some quick pictures from this year to introduce you to ME!