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30 More Blogging Ideas!

After the success of my last post with blogging ideas in, I thought I would share another 30 ideas for you!
Talk about what you’ve learnedAnswer the first question most potential customers ask youDescribe a typical dayShare your dreams and goalsRecap the past year/month/weekList what you wish people knew about you or your product/serviceShare and answer the 5 questions you get asked the most when you tell people what you doDescribe your life/work balanceOffer a weekly roundup of articlesShare guest postsCreate a list of trends to be aware ofShare secrets others in the industry won’tAdd your thoughts/opinions about someone else’s postCreate and giveaway an awardCreate a cheat sheet that makes a difficult task easyNews research Identify a problem and list the benefits of solving itTutorials and How-To A ‘before and after’ postCase studiesExplain how to choose something Personal discovery story How you learned a lessonGood and bad habits of certain types of peopleAdvice you have received …

Please Help Me...

Right now I am so sad and disappointed in myself. This is not the post that was meant to go up today. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I made a big change to my blog's commenting system.

I now have almost 500 posts and I love to reply to every single comment I receive. Up until now, I've had to individually scroll through all my posts to see if any of them have new comments. I tended to do this once a week but obviously it was time consuming and above anything, I'm sure I've missed some people out.

I made the change to turn comment notifications on, but to do this, I had to remove Google Comments from my blog. At the time, I was fine with this. I knew I would loose a few comments but what I didn't expect was to have every single comment deleted.

I've tried everything to get them back but to no avail. I'm so sad because the last few months, after much hard work, I've finally started to get some great quality feedback and interaction on my posts. Now t…

Downtime with Friends and Wedding Fayres!

After finishing my tutoring job last week, I finally had time to actually do things with my family and friends! Lots of meals out (too many!) and enjoying spending time with those I love. 
Click here for the vlog or watch it below! 
Starting the week with a little casual baby sitting meant I got to spend some time with one of my biggest fans. I got out my craft box and started to be a little creative with butterfly's and homemade handbags.   Alice is one of my best friends from high school and I absolutely love her! I've been super busy tutoring recently and she's had a broken arm (x2!) so hasn't been driving, hence we haven't really gotten together since I've been back in Yorkshire. But we finally decided to get together, not once but twice.

Trinity Walk, the local shopping centre, decided to host a fun and free student night so I decided to go and Alice gladly tagged along. We headed for a meal at Pizza Express before shopping, getting freebies and lots of e…

Freeprints (Review)

I've been making lots of photo albums to keep memories in recently so following on from last week's photobook from Saal Digital, I decided to finally fill in a birthday present. After receiving a 21st album for my birthday in June, it was about time a sat down and went through all my birthday pictures from my 21st celebrations.

I've come across Freeprints a few times but haven't actually used the product. I finally did and it was defintely the right decision!

I went through all my photographs and saved all the ones I wanted to print to my phone. Once I had all the pictures to my phone, it was incredibly easy to use. I simply downloaded the app, opened it up and selected all the pictures I wanted to print. From there they give the option to go through each individual photo to change the print format and final crop or you can use the automatically applied selections.

While I selected the photos from my phone, you can also select them from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Fl…

How To: Back up your Blog!

You may have noticed all of the changes to this blog recently and I am completely obsessed with them! With all the time and energy that went into them, the fact that I've lost all my comments and likes, plus the fact I almost lost one of my most important posts, I have learnt the hardway that I should back up my blog.

I struggled for a little while to find out the best way to do that but here are the best and clearest instructions I have found.

Importantly, when you back up your blog, you get an .xml file of the posts and comments. There are two separate processes to complete a back up of your website/blog. Firstly, your actual blog and then secondly, the theme.

Back up Blog

Sign into your Blogger dashboard.Click on Settings.Click on Other.In the "Import & back up" section, click on Back up Content.Save to your computer.

Back up Blog's Theme

Sign into your Blogger dashboard.Click on Theme.In the top right hand corner, click Backup/Restore.Click on Download theme.Save…

Medicine: A Life Lesson

This past Tuesday was World Mental Health Day and I in that post, I defintely touched on an aspect of Medicine slightly but once I started, I couldn't stop writing so I thought I needed to really split the post into two to do it justice.

Being a medical student for three years, it became very eye-opening to me that this population of students, seemed to be the ones struggling the most. While it could be because they're learning about it and can recognise it more easily, I do think it's also to do with the sheer pressure on each individual. Even before graduating.

Even though I won't be a doctor anymore, I can recognise situations that evoked anxiety and pressure during my time as a medical student. I think it's important to recognise these and deal with them before the problem gets too great to bare.

Stressing about completing the course to a high enough standardWorrying about balancing medicine with a social lifeAnxieties about being a doctor
For me personally, the…

My Liebster Award Nomination!

I've been nominated for my first award and I feel so blessed. Charlotte from Arty Allsorts nominated me and I absolutely love her. We moderate a blogging group together so it's always fun to chat and link up with each other too. Be sure to check her out and send her a big thank you from me!
 The Liebster Awards was originally set up to give other blogs exposure on the internet. This year it will be given out by The Global Aussie. I think it is such a fun idea and as I didn't know what it was until I was nominated, I want to raise awareness of it too!

What is the  Liebster Awards?
The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. A great idea in promoting your own blog and others. Originally it was given out to blogs with less than 2000 followers but this has slowly lowered as the reward has gained popularity. It is now only 200 followers or less.

What is the prize? 
The winner will be sent a GoPro HERO Session Full HD Action Cam wort…

Mamma Mia the Musical (Review)

Just before I left London, my flatmates and I decided to head out for one last signature ‘flamily’ social. I love West End productions, as you can probably tell, and Mamma Mia is one of my favourite films. With all of us loving our karaoke nights and choosing to sing ABBA regularly, we unanimously decided and quickly chose Mamma Mia to be the one!

Click here to watch the trailer and here to book tickets.

I was planning on watching the film as a recap before I went but I ended up running out of time. Honestly, I am so glad that I did because if I had, I would have probably been a little bored throughout.

It was very much the same story told as that in the film but I actually really loved that! I found myself comparing the scenes and was amazed at how smoothly they had transitioned from the screen to the stage. I absolutely loved it! I think it was a wonderful example of something done right.

One thing worth mentioning is that, as they did have to do the transitions throughout the showt…

World Mental Health Day

Given the recent events that have occurred in Las Vegas, I feel it is fundamentally important to continue to talk about mental health, especially on the day purposefully made for it: World Mental Health Day.

No one knew what was going on in that shooter's life. His own brother thought he was a kind and caring individual. Everyone says he was a nice guy with a great life. So what made him kill over 50 people and injure so many more?

It makes me so sad that we live in a world where it isn't okay to talk about depression and I hate that it makes people uncomfortable. With increased awareness and more engagement, hopefully it will not remain such a taboo topic. It is so important to share so to everyone else who's suffering, has suffered, continues to suffer or knows someone who suffers, never be afraid to talk about it.

By shedding light, the darkness will fade. 
Anxiety within certain careers (healthcare in particular) is prolific, but something we don’t acknowledge enough.Co…

Buying a Wedding Dress and a Leeds Night Out!

This week was kind of jam packed! I moved back to Yorkshire, my mum bought a wedding dress and we visited York to take my little sister to university. During the week we went house hunting and had an unusual lunch out mid-week before finishing with a night out in Leeds.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  The day after I moved back to Yorkshire was one to remember. Yes, my bedroom floor was absolutely covered in 3 years worth of stuff and suitcases filled with clothes but it was also a day of excitement! With my mother, little sister and grandma, we headed to a local boutique and bought my mum a wedding dress. It was all very rushed in the end and totally crazy but she found one she loved. 
She gave us all very strict instructions beforehand to only select long dresses, with lots of lace and that had the tops of her arms covered. Having picked the perfect dress, she wanted to try on one last one "just to see" and fell in love. And didn't have any lace an…