Pitch Perfect 3 (Review)

It may be obvious but I love chick flicks and so Pitch Perfect is right up my alley. I obsessed over the first, enjoyed the second and was super excited to see the third and final instalment in the trilogy.

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Straight up, I absolutely loved it. While I still enjoyed the second, I did think it was a little bit of a let down. This one did not disappoint in the slightest. It wasn't quite up to the standards of the first, but I think that is to be expected from most sequels. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought all the songs were amazing! In fact, as I write this review (the day after watching the film), I'm listening to the soundtrack on repeat. Thank you Spotify! I really liked that they were relevant and up to date. Sometimes I find musical based films quite boring because of the way the songs are incorporated over generations. All the songs are up beat, excitingly put together and twisted and recently released so they can be found in the charts.

My favourite scenes from all 3 films are the riff off scenes. I think they are so entertaining and fun. I love how cleverly they are put together and so for that reason alone, I love the films.
Interestingly, there was a somewhat new edition to the film this time around. While there is a still competition involving singing, instead of competing with a capella groups only, there are traditional bands...with instruments! It's a new dynamic as the Bella's are competing against something they don't have themselves. I also think the music is more diverse because the bands add a deeper level: punk, rap and country!
I've found that some of the recently released films have had overbearingly annoying humour that just don't fit the scenes or the film. They're unnecessary! Pitch Perfect hits comedy perfectly; it's just the right amount of silliness and hitting the nail on the head. Of course, Rebel Wilson playing Fat Amy rocks all her jokes as her personality commits to each and every one.
The plot for this film is actually much deeper than the other two. Instead of just being focused on the music, it's about family history and moving on with life after college. For quite a short film, so much was fitted in and it really wasn't boring at any point.

There were moments of utter magic. There were parts where I got goosebumps. There were scenes where I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Babies (Spoiler alert...Bella is the cutest name ever!), lovers and careers. It was simply Pitch Perfect.
I'm really shocked and sad at how badly the film has been received. Personally, it's one of the best films I have seen this year. I think it's a great feel good movie that is really poignant in parts. Goodness knows that needed at the moment. FYI: The costumes were insane. I want the combat outfits!

A massive congratulations to the entire cast and crew who has been involved in all three films. The ending hit the spot and ended the franchise flawlessly. All the emotions were flowing but seeing the throwbacks from the previous films really rounded the story off nicely.

I can't wait to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch!