Preparing for Christmas 2017!

Christmas is right around the corner. I spent the last quality time with my mum, helped decorate the house and wrapped the last of my Christmas presents! 

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I started the week spending some quality time with my mum. We went shopping as we had to do a couple of different things in town, including exchanging my USD back to £. Oh, I was so angry. I lost £50 with the exchange rate despite the ladies guarantee! 

We ended up having tea at Pizza Express, mum's favourite. It was so funny because we bumped into Alice and her mum as well! 

Of course, Trinity Walk has it's Christmas decorations up. I love their giant tree but more so, their giant reindeer. It's beautiful.
Christmas is a busy time so I thought while I had a little bit of downtime, I would record the two videos that needed to go up. I filmed a little cork craft and a Amazon Christmas clothing haul
Of course, once it turned December 1st, the first thing on the to-do list was to open up the advent calendar. My mom surprised me with a Lindt chocolate one, instead of the usual cheaper Cadbury's. It's defintely more luxurious and while the majority of the chocolates are quite small, I am super excited for the giant teddy bear at the end!
Usually we also decorate then but mum was away for the weekend so we held off a couple of days and decorated on the Monday instead. It might not be the perfect photogenic Christmas tree but it has so many handmade baubles from our childhood. 

To end the week, I headed to the hairdressers for the first time in a year! In fact just over a year because it came up on my TimeHop! If it was up to me, I would have got my long bop length back but mum wanted it long so that's what she got. There's always next year. You can't really tell but I had 3-4 inches cut off, layers added and it feathered around the face. I think once it's straightened it will be easier to see!


  1. Your hair looks so good!

    1. Aww thank you! I love it but it’s not too different to be honest 😂


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