#Dancember and Christmas Traditions!

Two things we always do as a family around Christmas is a big Christmas meal with my mother's side of the family and taking wreaths to the family gravestones. I also always watch #Dancember!

Click here for the vlog or watch it below.

I haven't really spoken all that much about driving but lessons have been going well and my practical test is booked. I feel quite confident at driving now, just not at taking the actual test. Fingers crossed being on my mum's insurance will help me get a little braver.

I really do love traditions, especially around Christmas time, and while I have since made some of my own, the ones that will always have the most meaning are those which have been around since my childhood. One of my favourites is when we all my mum's family gather together and go out for a big family meal. There's about 40 of us now and it's so nice to see everyone. Unfortunately, I don't get to chat with everyone but I do love being able to see the kids growing up and having some quality time with them.
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I didn't really get to speak to many people this year and unusually, we weren't at the traditional Rogerthorpe location. Instead, we went to The Kyte. I'd actually been a couple of times with my dad but not with my mum. We had the private room which was nice but in all honesty, the food was pretty terrible. I was so excited for my Chocolate Torte and it was a coffee cheesecake with the smallest dollop of chocolate fondant in the centre. In other words, a massive disappointing mess.
Afterwards, we returned home to snow and I went to see grandma. She still hadn't got any of her Christmas decorations up but I'm pleased to say she now does!
On the fourth day of curls, I decided to wash my hair but I really wanted to see how they would look brushed out first. I feel that's how everyone styles their curls but I've never appreciated the look. After doing a deep side parting I defintely felt very sassy!
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A lovely lunch date with my favourite SheerSister at Zizzi's was very yummy. I haven't been in so long, I think the last time was York looking back. I was really pleased with both the food and the company so I'm glad we got to meet up one more time before I left for university. In a way, it also teamed up with our work Christmas do!

Of course, I enter every competition I find so I had to enter the napkin Christmas jumper challenger and snap a photo. #GangstaRapper. Afterwards, I headed to the cinema to see the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. I'm not even a massive fan of the franchise and I still saw it on opening night!
To end the week, we did another Christmas tradition and headed to the family graveyard. My grandma is very sweet and goes around both cleaning and clearing the sites and laying down a new Christmas wreath. Sadly, one of the gravestones had been tipped over and as hard as Jess and I tried, it didn't budge in the slightest.
Grandma very kindly treated us to tea at Rogerthorpe and again, it wasn't very nice but at least everyone else enjoyed theirs this time! We only saw the Christmas meal and hadn't seen the alternative, which I personally would have preferred.
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Happily though, they had so many cute and pretty Christmas decorations that I absolutely loved.

I also wanted to mention Dancember. Judy and Benji Travis from itsjudyslife on YouTube has done an annual charity fundraiser called Dancember to raise money to support starving children around the world in partnership with Convoy of Hope. They guarantee that 91% of all funds donated goes directly to those in need. I ended up watching a fairly big chunk of their 24 hour LIVE Stream and I was in awe of their dedication, motivation and passion for the topic.

If you can at all donate, please give money here. if you are not in a position to do so, share some hilarious and crazy dance moves all around social media to increase it's online presence. Make sure to use the #Dancember.